Bath water, to be used as a portal to the spirit world

What do you guys think about this? Making a hot bath and visualizing it as a portal. Then placing yourself in it. Thoughts? Thank you for your time!


I have had a experience when during a very hot bath I travelled to Odin, but it was strange that the bath actually came with me, well a energetic duplicate of the bath, it wasn’t until @Lady_Eva pointed out to me that perhaps the water in the bath acted as the portal for me to travel.

Plus the main three gateways into the other worlds are water, fire and blood.

So yes it’s possible plus you don’t even have to visualise I mean I didn’t and it still worked.


The steam could act almost as incense, which reminds me of some suggestions, like boiling water (this idea came to myself too). Substances may be added, perhaps according to elements/planets.


Now that is an interesting idea.

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I agree! And I’ve used it for years since with a family, it can be extremely difficult to get privacy when it’s required. Besides, I started out Wiccan, so ritual pre-bathing after ritual pre-cleaning the bathroom always came first with a general pondering on spiritual cleanliness, slow even breathing, contemplating elemental properties. _Then, _I’d finally get to the actual ritual and experience a state of physical and spiritual cleanliness. And I’d smell nice.

Essentials oils and herbs associated with the entity, or planetary intelligence are quite helpful and can benefit your human vessel as well because you will physically absorb their energizing or relaxing or healing properties.

The skin is five times more absorbent when wet. So different mineral salts are activated quite nicely. (Sea salt, magnesium salts, sodium bicarbonate etc.,)

And it’s aesthetically pleasing as well, depending on the herb, to let the herbs float about instead of placing them in a sachet.

Alternatively, you can make them into an herbal tea infusion or decoction ahead of time and pour it into the bath. Seemed to make for a very strange overall ambience for the bathroom over time, too. :sunny: I found it eerily refreshing. And if you are blessed with a nice bathroom window and privacy, letting the sunlight or moonlight shaft off of the steam and incense smoke makes for some beautiful visuals for beginners. And in a candlelit room it’s possible to scry into the water.

I definitely find it a great portal. And for healing my child, again, that kind of ritual is effective along with the chosen herbs, sung mantras, and whatnot. Just avoid unconsciousness and drowning. :wink:



Haven’t done that but I used bath water to rid myself of pain and emotions as well as summon a demon and attempted a love spell.

Bath magic is one reason I’m interested in Hoodoo.

One would do cleansing and evocation or invocation in the same moment :slight_smile: About the portal, after writing the other post I got the point. Indeed the water, being that of a bath or a shower, may be viewed and employed as such. Again, it’s possible to visualize it as colored (green for a love operation, cyan for contacting an Undine etc.)