Bath Vision?

Lately I’ve had a strange obsession with the water. Until recently it was common for me to take baths with epsom salt in them both for Spiritual cleansing and physical alleviation of pain. After the last time I ran out of Epsom salt I kept taking them. Sometimes I’ll get out of one just to come back and start another one a couple hours later. This happens multiple times a day. It’s happened four times in one day before. Been a few times where I’m in the tub and I get this vision where I’m waking up in a vat of water. I assumed that this was just some form symbolism of rebirth? Or was it symbolism at all? Earlier tonight I was in the tub again and I tried to expand on the vision and see if maybe I could find some information. It worked to an extent. When I pull my head out of the water in the vision I look to the right and there’s a man(?), or I assumed he would look like one if he took off the giant trench coat (old detective style almost).He had on a top hat. But he also had on some form of gas mask? I thought it looked weird at first because it was a red mask with bit of black on it. I followed him out of the dark room and once we were through the doorway I saw a sky filled with pink flowers and up at the top there was light and dark almost seeming to battle but a bit of the white was bleeding into the black and vice versa. Reminded me of the yin yang sign. He said it showed what’s going on in my mind. In the distance, he points to a red door. Tan/goldish doorknob. I started running towards this door. Full Speed Ahead! But when I got to the door and it swung open it oh, it was nothing! The other side of the door was simply a big step. Everything else was black. Nothingness? Darkness? I get a glimpse of the inside before the “man” completely pushes me off the step. I start to fall but catch myself on the step. He says “nice one” or something along those lines. He found it amusing. We stood in the doorway after that looking out at this nothingness. Then the vision ended.

Any ideas on what this means?

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Your vision is interesting with many stages or levels of transition. The meaning of pink roses can stand for elegance, refinement and can convey gratitude, appreciation, recognition and shows contentment in our lives.

The darkness being invaded by white light is you passing through the astral plane to explore your vision that this deity in black trench coat and top hat (Bael?) is showing you his answers to your requests for knowledge.

The red door refers to either anger or passion that you are keeping locked up within yourself. If you open the red door, then it means that you are confronting some uncomfortable emotions and your opening another dimension of your request for prescience and the answers that lie ahead.

The stair or step means that you are moving forward but your hesitations at the open door leading to step or stairs relate to progress and moving forward or backward in some area of your life and can represent feelings of fear, falling, failure, success or challenge, you may be struggling to know which way to proceed in a situation.

Stairs or steps have a strong, symbolic importance in dreams. Universally, they portray transition. This transition may be spiritual, emotional, physical. Most often, dreaming about stairs is also very closely related to change and growth in an individual’s life, sometimes which is mostly financial and materialistic.

The fall or push off the step or from the step and falling into the abyss indicates it may be a sign of low self-confidence or confusion with a decision or judgment for a certain issue in your life. You may be pushing yourself too hard to get rid of certain things or thoughts of your past life and the deity is forcing you to face your fears.


do you feel a lot different when taking those salt baths, i might try them myself


I don’t have time to read and absorb all of what you’ve typed as of now but I will read it more closely once I’m home from work. Thank you!

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Yes. Epsom salt is a natural muscle relaxant. Can help relieve pain with a few different ailments, from cramps to boils. Heat up a warm tub of warm water and toss some in. It is absoutely relaxing and works well for calming body the body and brain. I like to visualize any of the negativity ive collected throughout the day as going down the drain when im finished. Its lifted depressive states for me more than once


They weren’t roses. They were Centauriums I think but they were beautiful and they were stamped in the sky almost. I could still see this fitting however

In all reality, whoever the figure was he was representative of a group. When I put my head above the water and looked at him he said “we” had been waiting for me. I got the Feeling during the vision that the identity wasn’t revealed for a reason. I had a feeling that he wanted me to draw him and I gave it my best shot but it looks amateur at best.

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I’m both angry and passionate. The passion is a constant with me but the anger fluctuates as with everybody else. I believe the red door symbolizes passion in this case. I was running towards the door happily. There was nothing in my emotions that indicated any form of Fury.

This clears everything up. Thank you again!

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Looking over the whole picture in particular with the healing baths your deitys might include Marbas who is the 5th spirit in the Ars Goetia. According with this old Grimoire, among his powers, he answers with trust any question. Also, he’s able to endow the magician with health. He answers truly concerning all things hidden or secret, causes and cures diseases.

The gas mask hiding his face in red might indicate Berith is behind Marbas and your rituals for healing. As Marbas is one of several Deitys in Berith’s legion or realm. Marbas color is black and is known in many visions as wearing a black overcoat or trench coat.

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