Basics for Magick from My View

Hi everyone.
This is me again. Guy with the questions. And a guy, who always read, learn like a nerd, and a nerd that only learns things in theoric ways. Try to understand in theory. But if it’s not like a exam/test or whatever, that has never succeded. Philosophy, history, mathematics, geometry, geography, sociology and biology; these are my favourite subjects, that I’m always doing/learning/achieving success at exams and real life. But on the other side, occult, esotheric teachings, magick workings was the topics that I really LOVE so much, and have interest in. I was reading alot about these. But, I was not doing any excercise/practice about this like I work on mundane sciences that I work on, wrote above. Btw; Sometimes, I’ll use bad words/street language. They will come from my heart. I hope everybody can understand, the situations. Firstly, this topic is dedicated to this forum. To E.A., Timothy (correct me If I wrote it wrong), and to the persons who has helped me alot, in my first topic in this forum. And, second intent of mine of writing these words down is, to make people to see the truth. To understand ways… But I am not trying to push my ideas to nobody. Every person has got his/her own ideology. This is special thing. And for me, I can’t question this. And, nobody should do this. As It is sacred for person and it belongs to only one… That was just the beginning part. This is gonna be a little long article.
Let’s start…
Magick… This word is even magickal, fascinating the reader. “Magick.”. My ideology on that, I was believing that only some people could do this. Not trying to hurt anyones heart because of their beliefs, but Right Handed Path religions are doing this, causing this idea, at least this is a real reason for me… RHP movements and religions are teaching that God has got the all power. And puts some rules into humans life. Like, forbidding spiritual works but ate the same time, trying to teach: "You shall not believe in magick, and you must not work on it but have a hope on “God”."
And scares people with the place of “Hell”. To gain power by manipulating peoples feeling, emotions. Desires has got rules… For even asking… Wordings. Believer is doing this to reach heaven. But, life on earth is getting the image of Hell. These people are making world as Hell not only to theirselves. To others too… World has became like “Hell” because of their heaven. Hope! Pray! RHP teachings… Hope on God. SO “Maybe” he could have mercy on you, to give you what you want, to give you the thing that you ask from him. Just laughing in this now. What a great deity, The God! Most Superior Prisoner!
This is just my idea, not trying to make anybody to change their belief. But, I just want everybody to know, this was the truth. Don’t just look at a point of a photo. View it all… Observe it truely. After the first topic of mine in this forum, and got ideas from people, I started to look out again. But this time, I am confident and serious. Started with knowing myself again. Understand myself, try to give a answer to a question that I had asked to myself. “Why am I here?”, "What do I want to achieve and for that, what should I do?"
Understood again. Magick gets stronger when you know yourself. This could be a hint for beginners.
And after first topic of mine, I had started to read Works of Darkness, again. This time, writing notes on the book. Trying to make schedule. To have success. My friend who led me to E.A., I asked some questions. Answers were great. Secreting the rituals gives more power. I’m having privacy concern, so I can use this as an advantage. So, I asked myself again. What should I do first, to take my energy to the higher levels. There I got my answer. Like everybody, I got favourite song (s) that make me feel powerful. I decided to listen to them. And meditate with them. Then, I find out I should work on chakras. From Hell (root) chakra to Heaven (crown) chakra. I guess we all heard about binaural beats. So I started to look out for specific bb’s for each chakra. First, hell, second sacral, third solar plexus and this goes on. I believe that with this method, we can open our chakras and have more power, energy and more… So I started to listen. One day for all 7… And I had searched all of the forum. So I got some answers that I was looking for, to build required energy - then follow the steps. And! I had a success. In just one day. Even I was like “Wtf was that?!”. Everybody. I am not feeling emotions in real life. Because of a problem in my brain (amigdala is not working). But! I got scared in the time that I was having a experience/from that vision. Really got scared. I’m not gonna act like marlboro man. But damn thing, I got fell in love with that scare. First experience in my spiritual life. Happened in one day. I don’t give a fuck to people, who could kill me for their shitty Hardcore Islamic madafaka ideology. I’m gonna practice secretly (advantage), and keep it as a secret (advantage again). Than, as I am a beginner on occult and a nerd, I started to nibbling in E.A.'s book (Works of Darkness). Than take some notes about the methods to make magick thesis/formula easier for me. Than start nibbling in forum. Yeap! I found it! Today, I am gonna work on it. Now, I hope we can give links from YouTube.
For chakras;
These are just helping us to move our energy to higher levels. A suggestion for beginners, from beginner…

Than, about WoD consecration of items…
I only have Blue, Red and white coloured candles. I am only using blue one for now. For Altar, I have chosen my study table. Tried to make ritual as written in WoD, and added something…
Remember the ritual in WoD, sealing into something. Remember? Nice.
Take the specific items. Before doing E.A.'s method, as a beginner, I have done this;
Makes no sense, huh? Advanced magicians are gonna understand this I think. This is just a easy thing. Good for workings in darkness. Added this to ritual. For make myself thinking “this will make more powers to come.”. This is just a suggestion too. Lastly, after chakra workings, temple works has done, I will start for looking into sigil magick. I have made my schedule for this. This is a way, for my path. I hope everyone likes this methods, ideas, and I hope this will bring new ideas to beginners.

Last words… I have found this powerful tool. This will help you to achieve answers. So powerful. I suggest every newbies to give a shot;

And now, I can hear words. Some beginners is saying “F*** you!” I guess this is related with clairaudience? Hahaha…
Good luck everybody.

“Advanced magicians are gonna understand this”? Please. What the hell is “advanced” about writing or speaking backwards? Or the point of it, for that matter?

I applaud you for getting that far, I only made it a paragraph in.

I think it’s safe to say you don’t need to convert anyone here into avoiding religious dogma.

What has been your best experience from Works Of Darkness so far?

Glad to see you are doing the work now. Keep going!

By advanced, I was meaning persons like you. You have got experiences. But, information too. You had the idea to read it bacwards. That’s the point.

I wasn’t trying to manipulate nobody. By saying second intent, I was trying to mean “everybody has got power to do magick. This is the truth.”. Motivation.
About WoD experience.
That gave me my first spiritual experience. Saw somebody and heard him. His robe and his dogs scared me a lot.