Basic questions

I m new to this path and still just reading threats and trying to learn. Not sure it’s me or anyone in start have these questions. Will appreciate if you please help in learning.

With magic do we stop believing in God ?

Is concept of angels same as religious traditions teaches ?

And it may be most redicouls question. Since child hood I heated magic can be dangerous for one who performs it. Specially it is not for one who has family and kids. Since entities can be harmful to your family members if they are upset with you.

Sorry these are very basic questions, can you please help and guide.

I’m seeing dk answer so I’ll let him run with it :slight_smile:

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No. There are plenty of magicians who believe in the Christian god (which is whom I presume you mean by capital- g God.)

No. Religion is mostly wrong about the angels.

Yes, magick can be dangerous, because it opens your mind up to forces it may not be ready for. It has been known to lead to madness.

No, many magicians have family and children. If you know what you’re doing and use wards, and banishing on the regular, there is no harm.


Believe me I m just like in dream or reading a fair tale :slight_smile:

Also is it something one can safely return if he feels he don’t want to progress?

I read in few posts people have a spirt or entity partner. Does it effects if you are already married ?

Energy… what is this concept and please can you guide how I can learn more about it ?

Much thanks


Please explain this clearly. (Religion is mostly wrong about the angels).

Not sure if anyone answered this but yeah no it doesn’t mine know about one another and hate eachother but it’s more of a tolorated hate they don’t get in each others way at least they don’t try to so no it doesn’t mess it up just makes life harder for some harder as in spending time with each and making sure things are balanced…

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Sadly yes they are wrong about angels well hell they are wrong about demons… Angels like demons can hurt you in worse ways then one but they are also still good not every time will they answer your calls and come and actually some hang out with demons you know lol all seriousness you can not believe everything a book tells you if no one them selfs has actually seen or done it or can tell you they were there first hand then it maybe grossly exaggerated or not true if you want to know it’s best to find the truth your self I did that and well my answer wasn’t what I was expecting but it didn’t surprise me either


This is very different from religion

Yeah it is

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Religion, even some occult practices tend to exaggerate angels/demons, angels in religion are all love and light and robotic, demons all evil and sinister.

In some occult beliefs people think angels are more than they are and that they are some creators and balancers of the universe and demons are some fallen Gods who want nothing but to see humanity ascend and be “their best selves”

You’ll find there’s a bit of silliness in both sides, but imo they’re just races who don’t care about how cringy or exaggerated humans make them out to be.


No, this is up to you. There’s no rule about that. In time you’ll get to your own conclusions.

No, no every angel is nice, think in terms of Supernatural kind of. Among demons and angels and gods its all grey, there’s good and there’s bad. Also not every angel is under Jeovah order. Some are by themselves, and this doesn’t mean they are all fallen.

You must be careful with magik sure, but don’t need to be afraid. Research well about the entity that you’ll summon before do it, treat him/her with respect. But in general they are not dangerous, they won’t hurt you or your family, mostly of them at least, and if you go in this path, you can end up getting the protection of one entity, that will protect you and your family and as you learn magik, you’ll learn protection spells too. So if any other entity or person try to hurt you, you’ll be safe.


I know the feeling, at first magik and summonings can feel like unreal and hard to believe.

I’ve been told that sometimes when you summon an entity and this entity notice talent on you, notice something that their like, and if you than try to leave they’ll keep after you, until you go back, and some of them could be harsh. This was what I heard.

No at all, those spiritual partners are mostly in a teacher/friend level, it’s the entity that you get along better and you feel connected. Some people choose to have a more romantic relationship with those spirits, but is the person choice. The entity will be what you need, even in what they would call “marriage”, if you need just a friend, they’ll be just a friend, if you need a lover, they’ll be your lover. But it’s up to you. Always.

Energy is what we, our souls are made of. Not just us humans, but the entities too. In fact everything around us is made by energy. There’s a movie or something that explains that, I think. Can’t recall the name, but anyways. We do magik through energy. That’s how I see, I’m sure there might be a lot of topics about that here. Also on YT channels about magik.

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Thanks @IzzyLuna great explaination, much thanks.

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Sure. Any more doubts we are here;)

As a starting point, energy is very much the same like you would expect it to work in the physical sense. It doesn’t stop being energy because you’re practicing magick.

I’m sure there’s a lot of neat little tricks and secrets though which I’m highly unqualified to get into.