Basic Ointment recipe

I have tried a couple of times to make my own ointments. Infusing oils with herbmixtures in the sunlight, melting the wax, adding the water etc. And every time it turned out to be either lumpy, greasy, rock hard or a soup of unmixed liquids with a chunk of wax in it that I threw out.

I now have come up with a recipe that’s super easy and produces a smooth crème that is absorbed fairly well by the skin and feels great.

In this, instead of letting the herbs sit in the oil for weeks, I make a ‘tea’ with the flowers or herbs and use this immediately. Strong smelling plants like lavender or rose are best (of course…)

5 Equal parts (4 oily and 1 water)

1 part Beeswax

1 part Coconut oil

1 part Castor oil

1 part Almond oil

1 part Water (that you take from your ‘tea’ that you made prior to this)

I used for this 1 teaspoon of each.

Put the ingredients in a small glass jar, close it, and set it in boiling water. Once the wax has molten take out the jar, shake it vigorously and then place it in cold water till it solidifies (takes minutes because it’s such a small amount). Once it’s solid, place it in your fridge and keep it there.

When you are going to use it, the warmth of your finger in the jar is enough to to smoothen it up for applying.

The whole thing takes minutes, so you can do it all in a planetary hour that suits it or whatever. I gave this as a basic idea that you can dress up and make your own.