Basic Introduction

Hey, I’m Mira and I’m from Louisiana. Since 2013, I’ve been practicing energy manipulation, psychic senses, spirit travel, sigil magick, rune magick, and I work with spirits and thought forms/artificial spirits as well. I also read tarot, but not professionally lol.

I do use elements of demonic, draconic, and some Mesopotamian magick. I’m reading about Enochian magick at the moment because I’m interested in it. I work a lot with Tiamet and Azazel, as well as some other spirits whose names are private. In my mundane life, I’m trying to get a job while I take care of my grandmother. I want to eventually go back to school for neurology, but my family needs me right now.

An area I could use help with magickally is dream work, as I have immense difficulty remembering dreams and gaining lucidity in dreams. As to what I can offer to the community, I’m excellent with energy manipulation both in person and from a distance for most applications (healing and making changes to the subtle body/energy system, finding information, protection, etc.), as well as talking to, locating, summoning, and creating spirits (no, not creating thoughtforms, though I can do this as well). I can also offer help in making sigils, in letting spirits you work with use your body to make sigils, and in learning to more clearly perceive and work with energy.

I don’t offer any services or goods, but I’m more than happy to try and help if someone needs it. Thank you for having me as a part of this community :grin:.


Please be aware, @Mira173, that we have a rule that prohibits new members from offering to do magick for others, channelling, or readings, until they have been a reasonably active member for at minimum of 90 days.

You are, of course, welcome to give advice or instruction though :slight_smile:

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I understand that, I wasn’t offering to do anything for anyone. I just made this post because it said to in the BALG rules post. The part you quoted from my post was there to answer one of the prompts in a part of the rules post.

For reference, this is the part of this post that I mean:

Helpful ideas to include in your introduction:

  • Your preferred name and location, however, please do not disclose your address
  • Your preferred magicks and topics of study
  • Particular areas of magick where you need help
  • Particular areas of magick where you can provide help

I know, I just wanted to let you know of the rule, that’s all. We get people coming here who ask for free magick all the time, especially tarot readings, so I wanted to make sure you were aware of it in case someone asks :slight_smile:

Your previous intro in the mega thread was fine, but thank you for expanding on it. :slight_smile:

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Sorry if what I said came off as rude or annoyed, I really wasn’t trying to be and I didn’t think how what I said may sound :sweat_smile:

Oh good to know. I thought that it would be fine but I wasn’t sure lmao

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No worries :slight_smile:

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