Basic energy work technique(LONG READ)

I’d like to teach you guys the very first thing I learned. And this was the VERY first thing I learned and I mastered it in a day. It is. Well. Basic energy work lol. But I thought I’d make this maybe some beginners will enjoy this. This technique can branch off into vampirism, just do the reverse of this method lol.

Anyway. So yes I call them energy hugs and I’ll tell you why now. When I first started black magick and energy work of any type I was in very deep depression. Like a single break up would have me in bed for a whole week or something. Anyway, I was apart of an Amino community for witchcraft and at this point I knew absolutely nothing about witchcraft or anything at all. I was in this community as they had some chat rooms where you could ask for tarot card readings and such. Anyway. There was one day I was crying in bed and I was venting In one of the chat rooms in this community. I think some girl sent me a dm and asked me specifically “you want an energy hug?” I was like “sure knock yourself out on that bullshit clown act or whatever”. A few minutes later I literally stop crying. As soon as I stop crying and I’m calm suddenly I get a text from her.

“How’s that feel?” I was like “what the fu-“ and that is what got me into energy work lol. My thought process that day was “I need to learn this” lol so I started practicing by doing research and ofc asking questions on that community about transferring energy.

Fast forward a few weeks go by and that’s when I start to learn how powerful visualization was.

I decided to try it out on someone in that community so I asked them “can I try something out?” Yes a bit devious I know. But they said sure. So I now did what an old mentor of mine told me is called “EMP energy projection. All I did was I visualized I was sitting next to the person. This person complained they could actually feel a presence next to them on there left side like the air got colder they said. There is a little Easter egg in my thread, something else you can learn lol. It can be used for anything. I usually use it to read auras for people. Or what I’m about to teach you.

Anyway next what I did was I inhaled and as I inhaled I saw like a golden light collect in the center of my chest (visualization) and I had the intent in this energy to relax tf out of this person lol. I exhaled while seeing this gold light trail leave my mouth and enter that persons aura glowing them gold. Usually I’ll do like 3 repetitions of this to significantly create a visible or tangible effect in the individual wether I’m using this for vampirism or whatever.

I did this for like 3 or 4 times and then asked how they felt. They reported back to feel very relaxed

I’m sure you guys can play around with this and do whatever with it. It’s a basic principle to show how powerful visualization can really be I’d say. Cause literally all of this was done with visualization. I’m sure you beginners can play around with this and like me discover some pretty cool things you can do. :slightly_smiling_face:


Energy manipulation is a fundamental to all forms of magic and shouldn’t be ignored. People are usually like do a ritual blah blah blah but there is serious power in energy manipulation. Good post.

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Yeah, I’m empath and psychic and believe it or not, I often think of doing a transmutation on other people or to the energy they emit (often toxic) --) why I can’t do it? Because I need to stretch my hands towards them and If I do that, They will see me doing it and find me weird lol. But, I try to camouflage the hands, and make it believe I am hidding from too much light, hand in front of my eyes hehe.