Basic Energy Exercise: Delete Them or It

So anything negative be a feeling, person etc. Now, in your mind’s eye gather it up in a bundle with a emotion, word, or a picture. Then say delete until you feel it move or disappears.

Or you can say delete and see yourself use a delete button in your mind’s eye.

Or take that negative bundle toss into a trash can.


This is awesome

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So basic it’s fundamental! Spot on @Purple!

So much of the bad mojo and energy loss comes from harboring negative thoughts and emotions - and they are not true and they do not serve you! Hit that DELETE-button hard, like you would hit someone saying negative stuff about you to your face :grin:

I like this a lot too. And it occurred to me as soon as I read the exercise that you could also do this physically. As in, you could gather words or a picture on the screen of your device and literally hit the delete button.