Okay so I’ve got a weird question, not sure where it belongs so I’m putting it in general for now. Anyways, after having a friend enter me spiritually, she exclaimed that I hold countless barriers, more than a normal person would by far. See, I’ve read into it a bit and it seems these barriers, like door, are keeping things hidden or held back. So… my question is, what would cause such a significant amount of barriers to be put on a person and why would they be there. Side note, after she broke a few, she entered me again and more appeared but were hollow ones.

These are just a few of the kinds she saw.


I look at these kinds of things as energy blockages.

They can be caused by just about anything, but the most common are physical traumas, emotional traumas, painful emotional experiences, fear-based religious programming, and on the list goes.

Pretty much anything that creates a limitation within you can create an energy blockage as well.

Let me give you an example.

My mom was a hateful woman. She was a fanatic Christian and later a Jehovah’s Witness. And when I say fanatical, I mean it. She was bat shit crazy. And her health problems made that worse.

You know how most mothers ask their kid what they did at school and then encourage them to talk about it?

Well, my mom would ask and then would emotionally attack me when I told her. “How do you know that? You think you’re smart, don’t you? Well, you’re just a stupid little shit. You’re fuckin’ stupid, you little bastard. Just shut the fuck up!”

So I did.

Until I became a teenager, I didn’t speak very much. I learned that allows people to attack you, so I stayed silent. I would talk with my best friend, but that’s it. Teachers had to tell me over and over to speak up when they called on me in class.

When I turned 14 and prepared to enter high school, I took control of my life and decided what to think and how to act. And even though I learned to speak up for myself, I still struggled with it.

In my physical body, this manifested as two large nodules on my thyroid gland. And I mean large. They were very large lumps in my throat. They were non-cancerous and they weren’t affecting my breathing, so we decided to leave them alone.

My physical voice also became quite raspy and it sounded strained, like I was hoarse all the time. My throat felt tight and I just couldn’t use my voice properly.

Over the past few months, I’ve really worked at letting this blockage go.

I bought a vocal program and learned to use my voice properly. And that helped me find my voice again, but it didn’t solve it completely.

I also attacked it from an energy work perspective and released the energy of that blockage over and over again. There was a lot of energy in that blockage, so it took me a few months, but I’ve finally removed it completely.

And you know what? The nodules on my thyroid went away within a few weeks. The lumps in my throat are completely gone.

And I have no problem speaking up for myself now.

As far as the pictures go, those are just her way of seeing these energy blockages. They’re mental models that work for her and she can work with those symbols to affect the energy patterns.

For example, if I tuned into one of these energy blockages, I might see it as a black stone. And then I could use that as a symbol for working with that energy blockage. I might, for example, see myself hammering away at it with a hammer and a chisel.

While I was doing that, you might feel some discomfort, or even have a painful memory surface. I would just tell you to breathe into it and just let it flow through you as I continued to shift the energy pattern.

I’ve also used shamanic journeys to help heal these kinds of energy blockages.


I love true stories of magickal transformation, and this is most assuredly an excellent one.