Baron Samedi

I’m posting my Baron Samedi story for input, I’ve been a solo practitioner for 30 years since I refused initiation with Blue Star. Over the years I’ve moved far from Wicca to Mesa Blanca but this is something entirely new for me, I keep reading but I figured I’d put it out there.

My husband at a funeral overnight, I settle in to enjoy an evening of serene solitude. It begins, there is the statement “all thanks and praise go to Baron Samedi” the statement is nonsensical to me. It returns, persistent, like waves beating you at the shore when you won’t enter the water. I think to myself that all thanks and praise certainly DO NOT go to Baron Samedi, but finally I google St. Expedite, the only saint that was new to my altar and my error becomes evident. St. Expedite is indeed syncretized with the lwa Baron Samedi.

Fine, all thanks and praise go to Baron Samedi, I promise myself that I will honor him on his feast day, but the waves continue. They continue until I get up, leave the house, buy a purple candle, place it on my clean altar and light it - thanks and praise - peace. I go back to my spot on the couch thinking I am done but the vision starts. Like watching an episode of Columbo, suddenly I know all that has transpired.

This is just my experience, it is unlike the other stories I have read about Baron Samedi. I fully understand that there are many aspects to this spirit (I’ve witnessed some since). This is simply my experience of our first meeting. He came to me as pure love, his appearance didn’t matter because physical appearance is no issue in the presence of genuine love. Do you love your grandparents less because they have aged or are near death? No!

The Baron caressed my forehead like a parent does a child and I knew he wanted my third eye open. I saw that my husband had relapsed and drank the libations I had left for Expedite, he had defiled my altar after my request had been granted but before the devotion was complete. The Baron had haunted him with a shadow, and I, like a fierce chihuahua had removed the shadow and lovingly released a very agitated Expedite from my altar that same evening.

I believe there are a couple of reasons my conjure went askew. While I had placed St. Expedite alone in the darkest corner of my mantle for the legal request I did move him to my altar when it was complete.

My altar happens to double as a jeweler’s bench because I am a silversmith. I also happen to keep an oil that I painted of skulls in purple hues there. The incidental combination of silver, skulls and the darkest coffee, along with having death workers in the family DNA (a family funeral parlor which my uncle no longer owns) worked for him