Bare Essentials for New Magicians

I’m brand new to Magick and it seems there is a lot of pomp and pizzaze involved to help generate a solid impression on the subconscious. I’m just wondering what can I get from the 99¢ store or some other convenient retailer that is important for beginners? Money is tight as I’m a highschool athlete but It’d obviously be a priority for Magickal practices an other aspects of my life as I see money as a resource. I’d create an astral magic space but I’ve only projected for a few seconds so this doesn’t seem like a very viable option atm. Any help is greatly appreciated!


All you need to do magick is you, however you could buy some candles for candle magick or paper to draw sigils on. You’ve already projected longer than I ever have, which is not at all despite trying for so long so definitely keep practicing that. When I started I got caught up in buying all sorts of occult and ritual supplies such as an athame, candles, an obsidian scrying orb, and incense but I really can’t say any of these things helped me more than just meditating and putting my will out there.


Work on meditation and visualization, that will help you a lot when it comes to astral stuff, and will also benefit your non-astral stuff too if you are creative.


Take walks and contemplate whatever gets you going. Let your mind drift around and see if you stumble upon any odd trinkets. Let serendipity take part in your work.


Seriously how do African witchdoctors and hoodoo rootworkers do any magick without the aid of or the dollarstore?

It’s intent, and it’s a hell of a lot of learning and research.


Dollar store shopping list:

Sharpie marker
Pad of blank drawing paper, or simple printer paper
x 2 votive candles
if they carry it, pack of incense sticks

Sharpie and pad for sigils, statements of intent, brainstorming, etc. Incense and candles as stimuli to aid in getting in trance when training yourself to do so. All in? $5 + tax.

Another thing I would recommend is beads or equivalent for chanting. Chanting is amazing for skill development as well as use in ritual. Making them is best. If money is tight, take a bit of loose string and tie 100 knots in it. Each knot is a bead.

The candles and incense are not even needed after a while. I have not lit a candle outside of my bathroom in a long time, outside of my routine honey jar spells.

If you feel compelled to have a tool, try to make or find one. It is more rewarding and the item will be custom to your practice, which is cool.


I buy most of my stuff from craft stores. You can get basic supplies cheap. Wooden plaques and chisels for carving sigils for just a few bucks. Large bits of cloth and paint for a circle for under 5 bucks. Black paint and a cheap picture frame for a scrying mirror. Blank unfinished wooden candle holders that you can paint appropriately or carve sigils on for a dollar each…

Craft stores are your friend.


I tend to make, modify stuff I find in flea markets (excellent resource) or find (usually in forests) most of my tools and ingredients these days. Though I used to buy/take any stone I found cool, pretty or interesting so I have a lot of those in my collection that I use from time to time.

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Does this include things like evocations? I’ve seen a few people draw or build circles in which they conduct magic in but it’d be great if I could use nothing but myself. I just don’t wanna be getting attacked/possessed also I’ve looked up sigils for a few spirits but got many different ones. Is there a free online grimoire that has a bunch of spirit’s sigils for contact. I got into Magick to aid myself on my journey and help with manifesting and obtaining knowledge from higher planes. I know this is possible through things like meditation and drugs but I’ve always liked mythology and certain Gods and spirits. So the idea of “Becoming a living God” really appeals to me. I’m currently getting into occult research and basically everything is written in a different language or through symbols and astrology. If anyone has a YouTube or free book (I enjoy free knowledge) that they could recommend I’d greatly appreciate it! Thanks for the help again.

Absolutely. I will admit to having about 10 athames, but it is more because I love collecting blades than anything. Lately my index and middle finger together is my athame, and it makes literally no difference in the results. I have a beautiful obsidian mirror, but it is more of a “hey I don’t have a rite planned tonight and I’m bored” kind of thing when I do use it. A completely black room works better for me anyways, IMO. I will say that I have a cornucopia of incense, but that is more of a hobby than anything to do with my practice. I am an olfactory driven person,so making blends is enjoyable. It’s not bad for immersion, too.

It includes everything magical, you can have a circle without anything physically being there. Like others have said before it is all about your will and intent, having a fancy altar and ritual set up does help set the mood and immerse yourself in it more but the magick doesn’t come from these items it comes from you. I can’t think of any free online grimoire off the top of my head but you can find most of what you need for free if you keep looking for it.


Okay thanks man! I’ll look for some sigils and entities I may wanna evoke! Appreciate the help!