Bardonian entities

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How many of you has evoked an entity from the book “The Practice of Magickal Evocation” by Franz Bardon. This is supposed to be a very famous book on evocation published many years before E.A.'s works, and many of these spirits can teach you a lot of things and new abilities.

I bought a copy from this book a time ago and the descriptions are quite fascinating. That’s why I am interested in reading what can you say from it or what have you learned or done with the help of these spirits.


As soon as I get through Initiation into Hermetics I plan on doing so. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve worked with many of the entities in PME
Before the BoA, I was primarily working with the Bardonian entities. They are indeed powerful.


I may have mentioned here or on some of the other forums I post on that I have one spirit that I especially love from that source and he is involved in some very pronounced weather…I have met him off in the clouds during a very profound storm. He is especially well mannered and very good natured any time I have witnessed him…and he protects my area personally. I have seen torrents of rain and wind hit my area and knocking all the electricity off except for my house as well as sheets of rain falling all around me…except my spot…and should not be possible that could be done…but he protected me and mine…I consider a very close relationship to exist between the two of us. He is like a very close brother to me…very special.



I worked with the sprit Basanolda, connected with my birthsun and had great
success. I used the “table of practice” and saw him in color and a geometric shape. I rather connect with the power of the spirit, than command them. So his power came in my life and brought positive developments .

Wow! I appreciate all your answers!

This is the first place in where I actually found people that worked with these entities. Everyone I asked about them were just “non-practicing” magicians; people that just read Bardon’s books and nothing more. (I believe they have never evoked an entity in their lives :D)

I have read that the names of these entities are coded, so the book doesn’t give their real names . (For more information, look here: What can you say about this?

yes, DK mage already has spoken about this and he contacted the publisher to get some updated info…see within this forum about the conversation.


[quote=“Maxx, post:7, topic:308”]yes, DK mage already has spoken about this and he contacted the publisher to get some updated info…see within this forum about the conversation.


Ok. I’ll take a look to it. :slight_smile:
Thanks, Maxx

I am new in Evocation program but I will start my workings with some of PME entities. I will share some of my experiences here.

I guess as an aside, has anyone worked through IIH? It looks like it would take forever to get to level 8, but I think that’ perhaps has to do with his ideals, which were still pretty Judeo-Christian ingrained. I thought I could do it in 1-2, and have heard other’s do so, but I’d like to hear the experiences of others who might have done this. He does also make an aside to mention, albeit very briefly, that one can approach these things with “equivalent training”. I was actually more interested with his KTQ when I was reading Bardon’s work, but any comments as to experience with any of his stuff would be appreciated.

now This is a post I could comment

For years I read Bardons book and read through the various entities finding them fascinating, and better still, no descriptions on their appearance as this allowed me to see them without any notions as to how they should appear.

The only one I evoked was “Hillaro” - an intelligence that could manipulate all sorts of issues and problems dealing with “documents”

Fig. 286: Hillaro (22° Sagittarius) - is a representative of
justice. He can fulfill for the magician everything that requires
true justice, no matter whether in legal or any other affairs. The
magician will get this head’s full assistance in all judicial matters.

Since at the time I was having legal issues with my divorce, and actually I was a paralegal at one time in my life, I knew and understood that the legal system in the US is not about your rights but about “legal documents” and how they are moved from one hand to another.

This was one of my first astral evocation attempts.

Needless to say, evoking these beings from the book do work their magick in subtle ways. I would recommend to careful look through all the beings for the right attribute you seek. I almost made the mistake of evoking “Mimosah” - an intelligence that “assists and helps” those in the law enforcement and legal system…I quickly came to my senses. This particular spirit didn’t appear to me to be impartial.

Fig. 105: Mimosah (21° Gemini) - All people dealing with law
are under the care and supervision of this head of the zone girdling
the earth. If this head is called for in any legal matter with an
unjust sentence or settlement, either Mimosah himself or someone
of his subordinates will render the magician help. Therefore
it is only right to regard this head as the guardian of all human
rights. All judges, lawyers etc. who have to do with legal affairs,
can, should they be magicians, refer to this intelligence at any time

in any case, Hillaro did his thing, or so it would have seemed. All my issues were properly processed “paper wise” and that was the end of that.

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I work with IIH for few years and I have very good experience with practice of these teachings but I think that IIH system is more about mystical training.

For me is better to work with LBRP than work with every organ and element for another few years to develop elemental balance.