Bardon Gnome - correct name

Did Bardon encipher these names?
I am referring to the Gnome ERAMI.
thanks in advance

Probably yes, but it doesn’t matter. The sigil in the back of the book is more than enough for a successful evocation. You could call him Sean O’Callaghan, Gemstone Hunter Extraordinaire and you’ll still get that gnome. Well… Probably… I do know I don’t decipher the names and get great results.

There is always that nagging myth of Isis divining the correct name - somehow that seems crucial.

Yes, all the spirits in Bardons second book are in cypher. Google Bardon PME cypher or something similar and you will find the info you need.

Having said that, many people seem to have success with these spirits as they are presented in the book without having to decipher their names.

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Why did Bardon cypher them?

Just an FYI, but this thread is 5 years old and the person you are replying to last logged on here in 2015 so they won’t respond.

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Yes, you’re right.
But the name Erami isn’t enciphered
and one didn’t do his homework correctly…

I try bardons evocation 7 time but Nothing happened.

Maybe your not interesting for what you call because of your ripeness. That’s a thing by Bardon. How are you doing it, who did you call?

I did the ritual step by step according to the book. I tried for jromoni and capipa

How far are you with his exercises?

3 month ago. But i also tried for the Goisha Diamonds but it didn’t happen

What do you think about the so called magic authority Bardon mentioned? Do your exercises to succeed.

I think this is right but i haven’t seen any spirits seen in the many times I’ve tried

I worked quite oftenly with invocation
instead of evocation because I was too lazy.
Just calling. Had a lot of contacts until May, since then nothing and now I’m approaching to evoke with a mirror.

I want to see spirits clearly. Please share your experiences with me

They showed themselves sometimes
through a subconscious view to me.
How do you use their sigils?

I use EA method