Baphomet vs Santa Muerte

Serious discussion for those of experience

  1. How would you compare the abilities , strengths, and speed of these two deities ?
  2. Who would you pick and why In regards to which working ?
  3. Advantages / disadvantages of working with either one ?

Let’s get this going

You can’t compare them. They are totally different.



I agree with @Rav

They come from completely different systems…and do/represent completely different things.


Sorry @Taramurti
I agree with @Rav @BabyDragon You can not compare them, completely different beings that deserve respect for their individual powers/abilities and representations.

Why do you want to compare them @Taramurti :thinking:


I think that people erroneously equate and make “similar” a lot of deities just because they are viewed as “darker.” Fact is though, they may be nothing a like.


Also your own intentions and abilities effect any workings with any beings…


So True. Oh so true


My fault for not clearly expressing what I was trying to ask. Perhaps a better way would have been :

  1. What would you call Santa muerte for instead of Baphomet?

  2. What would you use Baphomet for instead of Santa muerte?

For examole I’d be prove to do necromantic work with Santa muerte abs maybe more alchemical work with Baphomet.

Not a problem-

to be clear on my end. I do not work with either of them. So I can’t give you the specifics, but I have known people who have worked with both.

From my understanding you can work with Santa Muerte for just about anything. And probably Baphomet as well. The difference will come into their specialties and methods etc…

I would suggest Santa Muerte though. There is a lot of info out there about her. From my understanding Baphomet is more of a creation of someone from the…1800’s I believe it was? Maybe he is an egregore? I’m not sure…this whole part is muddled for me.

All in all, I’d say pick one, get to know them, then after that start a relationship with the other. Step by step

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