Baphomet statue unveiling in Detroit--7/26/15...?

Did anyone get a chance to go to the unveiling of the Baphomet statue in Detroit this past weekend? If so, what was the ceremony like?

No, I have no car at the moment and I did not know about it, otherwise I could have gone. Detroit is not that far from me, I’m in Ohio.

Ah I see. Ya, I heard it was being unveiled in Detroit yet I do not believe that that will be its final resting place. Ultimately I’ve heard on news reports that they wish to erect the statute next to the ten commandments at the Georgia state capital (which would be amazingly hilarious!)

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Detroit is my home town but I live in the mountains of Ky now I miss home wish I could have been there side note its where Aleister Crowley lived while in the US and he wrote a lot of his workings there

Not sure if you are aware, but there are lots of interesting magickal things in KY. Quite a few metaphysical stores, classes and workshops, psychic and new age county fairs, and last I checked there were 4 covens near the Cincinnati OH border in Newport KY, and like 13 in Lexington, and a few near Louisville too. Most of the ones I looked into accepted new members without some weird secret initiation requirement, but they usually had some type of path requirement, only a few accepted members from all magickal paths.

3 of the ones I found were more LHP oriented but one of them was secretive and did have some strange intitiation rituals, the other two were more open but had a more theistic Luciferian and theistic Satanism approach so anyone into the Laveyan or atheistic stuff may not be comfortable there. Are you located near the Indiana border, Tennessee border, or closer to W. Virginia? Just asking, I have lived in many areas of KY.

You know what was funny was that a Harvard Extension Club wanted to do the same thing in Boston about a year ago. Here’s the link:

As the article goes, it was moved to another bar. I thought it interesting that this garnered little press than the one in Detroit. I first heard of it from a USA Today article. I thought it kind of cool but I myself have never associated the Baphomet image as Satanic. Iconoclastic, sure but never really wicked in particular.

I wonder what the christians are saying about it. They consider these things as ‘the devil’.
Hope they got lots of security cameras to keep the fundamental right wing apostolic christians from desecrating it. They do this sort of the now and then.

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thank you for the info I was aware that there were cabals of LHP practicioners but this is the bible belt and theres not a lot of opportunity to connect with true Mages alot them are would be backwoods freaks that would as soon kill u as look at you I joined 3 appendant Freemasonic Orders and OTO and have apps in at the Rose Croix aka Golden Dawn but ive have found that these though claiming to be Hermetic orders have layed down mazes that are mearly impossible to navigate to the knowledge almost as if it was never intended to be shared except to family and those rich enough to make the orders burst at the seams with money true knowledge is worth any price but when your broke its not very easy to filter your way through I would be stoked if u could direct me towards those who are serious teachers who give newbies a serious shot iam ok with being tested to prove my loyalty and ability to keep the golden rule of silence…u have been helpful to me in other ways and I appreciate u greatly for that friend…private message me or email me with some resources to obtain some rare occult books to add to my collection that can expand knowledge and introductions to others of this path would be appreciated as well I expect I will have the opportunity to repay your kindness and will gladly do so its not easy to be of our walk and exist in a Roman Catholic parish and find others like us they are around but its like walking on egg shells mums the word Blessed are you!!

Here is an interview with two former leaders of the Temple Of Satan (a bunch of them left in a huff, just recently) where they talk about the statue: