Baphomet search brought me here

My name is Tess

I am not a practitioner of magic,(although it interests me) I am an astral projector and I have mediumistic abilities. A few weeks ago, I left my body and I was being held by a large half -animal half- man, he had horns, he was holding me like a child and there was an intense sexual energy coming from him. I whispered his name 3 times “Baphomet” and then came back into my body. I have been searching for more information on him. I have googled the history etc. I would like information from people who have encountered this entity.

I have encountered many spirits in the astral realm ;a lot of incubus, relatives, animals, and some intensely scary stuff. Baphomet felt very powerful and I would like to see him again. Any tips, advice or personal experiences would be much appreciated!


I found this: :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum.


A few years ago in a dream (was probably projection) I was before Baphomet in a cave -like place.

There was a lot of energy and Baphomet was making a roaring noise (perhaps telepathically), but I couldn’t make out the emotion.

It’s interesting to know someone else had a spontaneous encounter. Especially due to the lack of info on the entity, and seeming rarity of people who work with Baphomet.


Welcome to the family and amazing encounter.