Baphomet is real?

When I was little I had a dream where a demon with a goat’s head was looking at me. All I saw was imagery of his face. It looked like it could have been Baphomet. When I came to Lucifer recently, I saw him (Baphomet?) again spiritually when I was awake for the first time in SO many years. This time he handed me a sword :slight_smile: but once again I did not see all of him, it was more of an interactive vision of sorts. Maybe it was Pan, but there is one website that suggests Pan and Baphomet are the same?
I was searching ebay once for Baphomet items and then I put my phone down and fell asleep… I dreamt. In the end of my dream I found myself levitating, like a pendulum I swung back and forth in the air - speaking in demonic tongues and vibrations. It was soo beautiful. I felt like I was possessed by Baphomet. I woke up feeling so blessed that I got to experience him like that. To you it might sound lame, but to me it was real as Hell and fucking beautiful.
After doing research, I read that Baphomet was “created” by someone. Strange, considering that many people have seen Baphomet and experienced manifestations of him. I think he is real. I’m not the only one experiencing him.


Lucifer and Baphomet are two different things. One is associated with Venus, aka the Morningstar, an ancient Promethian teacher of mankind, the other is a visual teaching aid developed by Eliphas Levi in modern times to represent hermetic principles in a picture.

Neither are “demons”. Lucifer is an Archangel, called “fallen” but still technically an angel, and the Baphomet is kind of fake, but now used egregorically by some mages who haven’t figured out he’s a cartoon. Chaos magick for the win.

The goat is a pagan symbol of fertility revered by pagans, which was demonised by the JCI religions as they wanted people to worship their one god and not gods of the harvest. A goat is (even today in Islam, as backwards as it sounds) also used by JCI religions as an alternative to sacrificing actual people, hence “scapegoat”,hence calling it evil and associating “demons” with goats. It’s a psychological trick invented by humans and used on humans.

Azazel likes to give people swords as well, (I’ve got one, E.A. Koetting got his long before me, it’s a thing) and often shows up looking like a goat. Usually a black one.
You should call it as ask it, really.

Call it “inspired by”… Read the linked article above.

Human created entities are all real. Humans are creator beings. This is self evident.

This is what it means to “be made in the image of god”: we can create.

When one person creates a spirit by convention we call that a thoughtform, and when many do it’s an egregore. I’m my feeling that most of the entities we work with today are egregores of long gone and forgotten kings and teachers, who’s myth has blown out of proportion with reality .

This is what’s happening right now with Baphomet. One day we will forget some French dude created him, when France no longer exists and he will be another demon/god/deva/whatever for the times. Also look up “servitors” and “tulpas”. A lot of parasites are beings unconsciously created out of negative emotions as well, we do it all the time.

The thing is, most of the time it’s not the entity you feel or that works for you: it’s you. You just needed a way to give yourself permission to access these deep parts of yourself, by giving them a face that you don’t take responsibility for.


Nothing is real; everything is permitted.

Azazel? I had no idea… The goat spirit never spoke to me. He was always totally silent with me.

I’ve honestly seen Lucifer as Baphomet before they resemble very similar archetypal energies

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@Mulberry I wanted to add, that to Luciferians, these gods and “fallen” spirits refer to themselves as demons. They are gods and goddesses of Hell, but also (at least) of this world.

Ok a story,baphomet or whatever to some is a egrogre to others a spirt,it’s personal gnosis mustick etc some say it was a head so old from a old city so cover in dirt whit human face male and talking , a fetish it’s a few ,from Egypt,and brought to London France,some people say it was a demon a spirt or baphomet,it’s a story.but it’s up to you to discover,if is real or know.last time the face talking was know in France 1945 around 2 world war.

It’s so difficult to clear this topic. Baphomet might have lived and chose to be ascending to deity. A very important aspect is that the rituals involving Baphomet function excellently. For example church people pray to saints but lots of magicians choose Baphomet.

According to my own history of paranormal events, Baphomet is real, it is a man spirit. Misunderstood and taken for some other spirit’s name. He is not evil, but he can be ‘‘tricky’’. He made himself known to me, using a simple gesture. He attracted my attention by taping on my right shoulder. It was his way to make me realize that he was right behind me. I had his contact like that when I made research online about the whole satanic litterature. So Yeah, unless that spirit lied, he was Baphomet. My gut feeling (in a it’s gamma wave state, so, the purest form) I knew it was him. Also he whispered to me some informations saying like ‘‘don’t watch that stuff you’ll find online about me, It’s all bullshit’’.

I agree that Baphomet is real. He/She has appeared to me on multiple occasions, but was never a specific gender. He/She told me that they represent duality, they represent unity in all aspects. Yes, slightly confusing but I get it. When they appeared to me, they had both male and female parts with a personality that mirrored that of both sexes as well.

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Yes, Bephomet is real. There is no such thing called demons. Pan or Bephomet or Lucifer are all different faces of one dark lord. You can find this in chapter 01 of Lucifer The Enlighter book.

Secondly, if he gave you a sword, this is a signal that he has a task for you. Why don’t you revisit the dream? Try to decode its meaning? Try to evoke him through your rituals and communicate with him?

You are special to him. So do not fear to go ahead to fulfil his wish. Good luck.

I’m not Luciferian. I’m not religious at all and I don’t really care about religious dogma, I think it’s silly, tbh.
I don’t believe Luciferians don’t pollute their own UPG with their religious ideals.

I don’t believe ascended beings that are many thousands of years older than JCI religions would have a reason to call themselves by a relatively recent JCI term pushed by the Catholic church in the last 2k years. If you think about it for 2 minutes, it makes no sense.

Hell is also a recent invention of the Catholic Church, there’s no such thing unless humans egregorically create them. Know your history to avoid being fooled by nonsensical dogma that has no basis or even reason to exists in spiritual evolution. It has a reason to exists for humans that want to control other humans using fear, that is all.

:woman_shrugging: You do you, I just don’t agree, and that’s ok.

Baphomet is real. He is a form of the egyptian deity Banebdjedet - and is further syncreted with the ram gods Khnum and Amun Ra. He supported Set during the contendings of Horus and Set. He is the Luciferian Light of Chaos-sophia - and his flame descends into those who open the way of the horns (the qliphothic crown of Thaumiel, the 2 brains and the light in between) and erect the torch into the Abyss above.

He is a ram/goat because he is carnality and chthonian power, risen above all concepts of sheepliness. He is Capricorn - Ayin - the Ayin of Ain (the Eye of the Abyss). He is an inverse gnostic aspect of the original figure of Abrasax.

The Lightbearer Archetype is his Incarnation on the earth.

-Lotan Vovin