Baphomet- how he can help?

Question to all who have worked with this entity, I already read informations related to him, and he seems very… universal. So in practical way- what are your experiences with him/her, how he can help, and on which fields he can help most?

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might help

Also might help

this also, maybe


I readed those topics before, they don’t answer my question, so I started this. Nevertheless, thank you, they are usefull.

Baphomet isn’t gendered. It isn’t a noun, it’s a generative experience. It manifests as creative energy that feels tantric or sexual in nature.

Some say Baphomet is related to Pan, but that’s conjecture.

You can conjure Baphomet to send creative energy into anything you want, or just to connect back to its energy.

To work with Baphomet, do Michael Snuffin’s 2008 solo modification of Peter Carroll’s Mass of Chaos B.


So it is like i can ask him for… anything?

Again - Baphomet is NOT a him.
But basically, yes.