Banishing Words of Power Inquiry

Hello, I have an inquiry on any incantations or conjurations or demoninc enns that correlate to a banishing word. I ask, but not only because, I seek to start a project with a close friend of mine(who went through a near death experience lately) that would act as not only our main if not only means of expression to this world but as a conduit to the change we want to create therein.

“I covenant to forsake” -BOA is the kind of vibe I want to encapsulate in this name, I’ve tried too translate variations of the work covenant to different languages but too no avail. To be straight up, this is for a Black Metal/Crossover punk project that I want too take to my grave, I dont have much besides that medium of expression… material things all fade away.

So I’ve been brainstorming for months for a name and its starting to come to the time to pick something, I want it to be twofold, a name and a word/words of power. When it comes to magick banishing methods seem to be the only path that brings me too power anyways so besides a name I would definitely find any suggestions interesting nonetheless.

on behalf of the forsaken covenant

Something is telling me to tell you to look into Sumerian and the words and syllables in the Simon Necronomicon. I don’t know why but it crossed my mind right away reading your post, so, take it fwiw, and good luck with the project. :slight_smile: