Banishing Rituals?

So one thing I’m confused on and Ive heard different schools of thought is whether using the LBRP or other banishing rituals are necessary or even counter productive when performing evocations. It would seem to me that banishing or clearing energy would make it more difficult to call upon entities? Is this correct or am i missing something? Also does vibrating the names of the divine hinder you from communicatng with entities other than angels for instance?

Sorry if these are maybe dumb questions but I’m still very new to this stuff.

Thanks for any info.

When banishing you are clearing out all the residual energy in the space taking it back to “neutral” so that you can then call on what ever you want with out it being diluted/contaminated leading to hypothetically a more pure transmission of energy during your ritual. Calling on god names does not exclude you from working with darker energies, modern magickal theory general dismisses the idea of an antagonistic relationship between “good” and “evil”

Many people here don’t banish because they like to let energy accumulate in their ritual space allowing it to act as a catalyst for future workings. It is generally agreed that at some point the energy will become too “thick” and require cleaning out.

I find that beyond its implications in ceremonial magick that banish has a wide range of uses and prefer to do it daily as part of my own development and ease of life style

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Thanks for the clarification on that. Although I dont know whether or when I want to work with darker energies I dont like the idea of being restricted to only one path.

As far as daily rituals I have a book that suggests doing that ritual as well as a few other banishing rituals daily. It also suggests using the middle pillar ritual daily. Do you think that is a good idea for a beginner?

The only restrictions that exist on your path are the ones you place on yourself, everything is more learning.

Daily rituals are great. The LBRP and middlle pillar are pretty good rituals for beginers in my opinion. Firstly they allow you to practice pretty much all the elements of ceremonial magic daily - visualisation, vibration of names, ritual focus and direction of intent. Secondly as far as rituals go they are pretty useful. The middle pillar will start working you energy body and the LBRP will help keep you clear minded and slowly improve your vibration.

You will probably find as you progress though that you replace those ritual with other ones that you feel are either more powerful, make more sense or are just more inline with your path. The real point though is that you are better doing something everyday, knowing it will be soon replaced, than doing nothing and waiting for that ritual that is just right.

Yeah that makes a lot of sense so I will keep with those two rituals as well as some other visualization exercises Ive found. Do you think its a good idea to add the BRH also? or is one banishing ritual sufficient?

For cleansing a ritual space, one is enough. For your daily practice, the more you apply your self the greater your rewards. Given the choice between the hexagram ritual and some other excercie, I would choose something else, probably the microcomic orbit.

Personally I don’t like the hexagram ritual so pretty much never do it.

Microcosmic orbit? Hmm I’ve never heard of that… I did a google search and I found information about a meditation. Is that the one youre talking about? Im just looking for additional exercises I can do daily to help get me in practice and to help get into the right state of mind for my rituals. As it stands right now I have a really hard time getting into the theta gamma sync. So any other exercises that will get me there and astral traveling I am more than open to.

The microcosmic orbit is a daoist meditation that circulates energy, it’s pretty simple to do but apparently become very deep with practice. I am only starting out with it but it has always been recommended to me. If you are looking to get into the thetagamma sync better then you should be doing some form of meditation, it really is the foundation of any serious spiritual practice.

Hello friends,

Count Zero, I think that this is a GREEEEAAAAT fucking post and one that I feel is/was needed. I think that the “banishing” rituals all come down to good 'ole practice man. Being a musician & DJ, I can tell you that when I was learning & practicing to mix vinyl…it was strange because it was new. However, after learning how to beat match and the other FUNDAMENTALS…when your boy got behind the Wheels of Steel…I killed it!!! Was it because I"m just that good? No, that would be my ego. However I was just very well prepared, and this allowed the Creative Me to really Let Go… I think it’s the same with Magick my friend. The more we can do to prepare ourselves on a DAILY basis the better! Because when it’s time for us to show up for the crowd (you know to do a mind shattering ritual) we will be able to completely let go and NOT get caught up in discursive self-conscious thought.

Thanks soundwave Ive done some reading on the microcosmic orbit and will definitely be adding that to my daily exrcises.

And Im with you Mode_439 thats why Im trying to pull as many ways to practice from experienced magicians as I can. In time when I perform an evocation and a big powerful entity is staring me in the face i will know the practice paid off.

Thanks again for the support guys.

The LBRP is a great ritual that you can benefit from even if you generally prefer working more with demons than angels. I find it does a really good job of “cleansing” my aura whenever I feel upset over something and is an astral equivalent of taking a shower IMO.

The middle pillar is another good ritual. It more or less has the same effect as a simple chakra/kundalini meditation, but in a more Kabbalistic form.

The BRH can be effective, but I don’t think it’s something you really need in your daily practice. I only use it for planetary workings.

So just out of curiosty whats the big difference between the LBRP and the BRH? Seems a lot of people dont favor the BRH much…

You may also like I Am’s Solar Banishing/Grounding ritual. I use it more often than any other banishing ritual. It took me about a week to get it down but I find it really effective and enjoyable as well.

So where is a good place to find the steps and information about “I Am’s Solar Banishing/Grounding ritual?” Thanks for the tip! Definitely open to new things to try out to see what works best for me.

While I know the Golden Dawn stuff is tried and true some of it feels over complicated and formal.

Here is a link to a thread outlining the ritual. Hope it helps.