Banishing Ritual : Visualisation

Hello everyone,

I was doing the LBRP as a banishing ritual. I started to work with Satan, and changed for the Rite of the Dark Lords. The problem is that I really struggle with visualisation. My question is does the banishing ritual works even if I can’t visualize properly or not at all sometimes ?

Yes, the banishing works even if you can’t see or hear anything. When you invoke the angels of the LBRP, or the demons of the Dark Lord Rite, they will be present regardless if you are aware of them or not. It is the intention to invoke them and to clear the space that really matters.

Intend for them to be there, and they are. Intend your space to be secure, and it is.


Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

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I remember my firs times… I’m still scared about something happened to me in my first years of magick (a black hooded figure with no legs appeared in my room and literally harmed my sister, she saw it too), then I proceeded to do LBRPs.
I knew it was working when I wasn’t scared of sleeping with my head under the blanket completely (don’t joke with me about that, that experience was traumatic :sweat_smile: )
Then, everything went easier

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