Banishing Ritual of The Dark Lord


I was reading the Banishing Ritual of The Dark Lord, but something is unclear to me. The author says i need to visualize the inverted pentagrams and than vibrate certain names oke so far so good but then he writes that i need to visualize the demons. but a couple of sentences later he writes when vibrating the names in the four corners I must visualize the area in front of me vibrate and should also visualize that the entire universe vibrates.

When drawing the Pentagram of Earth, it is visualized in flaming red as you draw it before you, arm outstretched (use Dagger if you have) and then stab the centre as you vibrate the Daemon’s name. Visualize the Daemons as follows:

When projecting the name at the quarters, you visualize the whole area in front of you, to the ends of the universe being shaken and resonating to the sound of the names, as the power comes back (this has to be experienced to fully know what I mean here) visualize your whole body vibrating as well.

Source: Basic Satanic Rites and Exercises


This is literally a bastardization of the LBRP and Kabbalistic Cross rituals. You perform it effectively the exact same way with the same visualizations you just insert new entities in place of the archangels and flip the pentagrams around. So study those original rituals first and the explanations of the imaginings used to pull those off and apply to this take on them.

Note you do not need to visualize. You need to imagine. This is an error far too many people make. Visualization is only engaging the visual senses of the mind to the neglect of all others and many people cannot visualize properly creating an impairment. Start using your strongest sense to imagine these things and add in all your other senses as you build up confidence. A full sensory experience will add more to it than even perfect masterful visualization would alone.


Actually it helps if you concentrate and hold a visualised energy field between the 4 so you really create the energy circle. Is important to hold it till the 4 directions and circle are complete. Lots of people use the demonic lbpr or that old rhp - lbpr and recite it like a poem and are in that case only empty words.


Thank you Brother Rav

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