Banishing Mini Ritual for Negative Entities

I posted this in response to someone else’s question but I thought I would share it here as well in case you don’t see the other topic and so you don’t have to go thru and read the entire conversation to access the ritual content. This is a banishing mini ritual I created a few years back and it has served me well. It will work for you too as long as you believe it will work.

Sage cleansing usually only banishes about 90% of the spirit that needs to be removed if the entity is powerful or is very content on causing destruction and disorder, so there is usually some remaining energy that lingers and if extra measures are not taken, their lingering energy can serve as a gateway and allow them to remanifest themselves at a later date. For weaker spirits, sage may suffice and may be all that is needed and the ritual below should do just fine if used alone too. But for entities that are harder to get rid of, you can use this in conjunction with sage or some other cleansing method.


Get a piece of blank paper and draw a picture of your home, even if you draw like crap and it looks like a child’s drawing, you will still know this is your home on the paper. Just draw the outside, no need to draw the inside rooms and furnishings too and no need to get overly detailed just draw an outline of the outside of your home and add any details that allow you recognize this is your home, especially if you live in a condominium or apartment and all the homes looks identical, if you have a lawn gnome or decoration on your door, something that sets your house apart from everyone elses, draw that too.

Draw 3 spirits coming out of your house, doesn’t matter how you draw them just draw something that to you, represents negative entities, even if you draw a cartoon ghost but color them all pitch black, that will be fine. Draw them with over 75% of their body outside of your home and 25% of their body still inside, like picturing them being forced to leave and they are floating thru the ceiling or the wall almost fully out of your home.

That will represent them leaving and being forced out. In the drawing, on the front door of your home draw a protection symbol of any type on your door like it’s a wreath or something just hanging there. If you cannot think of any symbols a pentagram will do just fine. That represents your home being protected. If you already drew a decoration on your door as something that separates your home from identical buildings around you, you can draw the protection symbol anywhere just center it somewhere towards the front middle of your home. Meditate on this drawing for a few minutes, visualize the entities being forced out, and when the lines of the drawing start to flash like a sigil, the work is done.

Fold the paper 3 times and say:

"Spirits from the other side
with negative and malicious intent,
I banish you from this home
So my family may be content.

Leave here now and go away
your presence no longer causing harm,
Go back thru the gates from which you came
and never return again.

I can feel you leaving this home
as you are being forced out,
The energy becoming positive again
until you are gone without a doubt."

You can repeat the chant more than once if you feel it’s necessary but when done, burn the folded paper and while burning it, imagine that the paper is a powerful tool that has captured the spirits and that by burning the paper, you are burning the spirits along with it and as the smoke rises you are releasing them back to where they came from.


If that doesn’t work you can always obtain a sumo baby and make it cry in the home.

The Chaosphere works very well in banishings. Get the largest canvas you can find and paint a black Chaosphere on it, and make it the centerpiece of your ritual chamber. But at the same time, if you called these spirits up, in my case I wouldn’t just try to "switch them off."If I had lingering negative spirits in my dwelling space, I would do a blood ritual, tap into my negative side and try to evoke them in order to pay them respect and find common ground with them. There is such a thing as “Luciferian Bliss.” This is why I don’t like the Ars Goetia system as it is very demanding and offensive to spirits that are much older and more wise than we are. The spirits should never be seen as servitors to man. To astrally secure your home, what you could do is pencil in binding sigils and runes on the walls throughout your living space and double trace them with something like abramelin oil. Jason Miller has a nice sprit trap that he talks about in the book “Protection and Reversal Magick.” Its dedicated to hecate, but you could use the foundations of it to spin it off in a different direction

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