Banishing from a distance?

I apologize if this is the wrong section.

Is this at all possible? Curious it crossed my mind. Maybe somehow it can be done by concentrating and projecting into the specific area or space and banishing to cleanse the space?

Of course but you need a physical link to that place so you can connect

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Would a picture of the place and person or even a small patch of hair attached to the person residing in the place be enough?


It worked for me.

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Would be better a part of the structure of the place like a brick that is not replaced! So the link is a lot stronger. But a picture can do it too in most of the cases

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Great. Thank you both!

You don’t need a link if you’ve been there. Or your link can through a person who is there or been there.

Links are for newbies and they help with disambiguation. They’re nice to have but the entire human experience is connected via the collective unconscious, you can find anything that anyone has ever experienced through that.

Basically you just need to be able to astral project there somehow and then use your astral body as the energy conduit to perform the work. It doesn’t matter how you get there, use your imagination and find a path.