Banishing Djinns

Someone is attacking me using islamic djinn magick. Will LBRP be sufficient to banish the fire spirits?
Can a demonic evocation help me? If yes, which demon can protect me against Djinn magic?

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Asmodeus as one of the kings of Djinn and a Djinn himself as well as Azazel as Asmodeus’s father. Djinn are more likely to ‘obey’ one that rules over them than a random infernal demon.


Keep a brass jar in your bedroom with a note saying that any spirit who dares to attack you shall have their name written on it. Let them know that if they fuck with you you’ll bind them to that vessel, fill it with asbestos, seal it, and bury it somewhere where it’ll remain for the next ~5 billion years till the sun goes red giant and destroys the earth.

  1. Yes
  2. Yes - try Azazel or Shaitan who are supposed to have authority over the Jinn (haven’t tried that myself)
  3. Attack them back and drive them away (that is what I do)

In Hargroves book practical Djinn magick there is a ritual to make the djinn dispersed and flee. I recommend looking into that.

Another good bet is Asmoday, he is however really strong so just be aware of that.


Thank you.

Thank you. I will give this a try. Appreciate your inputs.


Thank you for the input. I have read the book but Hargrove himself has quoted that the rituals work 50% of the time and that ritual, I believe, is for any Djinn that was evoked by me.

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Not as I recall reading it scatters all djinn INCLUDING the ones you work with. That’s how I read it anyway.

Also I’ve had a real high level of success following his rituals to the letter.

Just my experience. I understand what you’re saying though.

Thank you @anon25000386 . I will give this one a try. Your inputs have built some confidence in the book for me. Thanks so much.

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Well thanks, it’s worth a try anyway. I know djinn don’t seem to respond to most banishments. Let us know how it goes.

Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram (Earth Invoking).
Draw pentagram from left of crown down to left hip and complete the pentagram, vibrate the divine name, complete the circle, call the archangels and finish the closing of the ritual.
Earth invoking should shut down all but earth, and spirit invoking shuts them all down,

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Doesn’t work on djinn bro