Banishing Christians

Hello guys,

Pls don’t get me wrong. I’m not leading any form of jihad and I respect anyone’s religion and beliefs as long as they don’t f*ck up with me.
But recently I’m surrounded by several people who play so very sainty and at the same time they took advantage of me and my resourses in the most disgusting way. For example: “I’m planning to spend the rest of my life in monastery. Just to finish my current project. Btw this project was partly financed by you but I’ll never pay you back your part. When I finish it I’ll leave it to my children who are perfect christians as well.”, or “I’d like to eat your panties, but you know, being so very religious right after it I’ll have my wife’s panties for desert and I’ll spend the rest of my life with her according to my vow” , or “lets pray together in the church and forget about everything bad between us”. Excuse me, why should I pray in the church if you want us to forget everything bad between us, just pay me back what you owe my in a humble christian manner and there won’t be any bad feelings between us. Silence…
Those idiots made me so mad as I have never been before! I want them to lose everything christian that they’re hiding behind - their families, their bussinesses, their christian reputation.
I’ve read that demon Cohzier loves to deal with such kind of pathetic creatures. Any other ideas to send to them together with my new friend Cohzier? Thanks.


I know how unnerving really believing Christians can be! And one of them is actually a kind of friend to me. When I had stress with demons fucking with me he wanted a priest to put his hand on me. I connected to an old shamanic friend what was too much for him :smiley:

What is Cohzier’s purpose to do with unnerving Christians? Idk.

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Not familiar with Cohzier, but they sure sound like your regular run-of-the mill exploiting asshole-people, never-mind the high-and-mighty of “church-going Christians”…

But if I were in your shoes I would petition to have their ambitions thwarted and undermined, their minds clouded with anxiety from their cognitive dissonance, and their true colors revealed to everyone around them as to ruin their reputations by themselves. Find a way to make them trip themselves. Sometimes all that is needed is a push in the right direction :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, resolve never to be taken advantage of like that ever again by anyone :slight_smile:


Ask the help of Melchiresa is an old wise spirit. Since Sodom and Gomorra very powerful. She is part of a powerful old trinity of Evil and direct against the egregor of the christians

Of course Beelzebuth is one of the best help in these matter, the power of Tohu Bohu Chasek

Belial is also very empowering and protective if he is interested to help the witch


How about telling them it’s all lies? But take care of yourself I dont know if you can trust them enough to tell them this, probably lot. Dont interact with Christians just tell them it’s all lies

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@Edwin_Odesseiron already told them. And even ask them what exactly do they expect from their god while screwing other people in the most disgusting way. No specific answer. Bullshit like “you’re no better than me, don’t dare to sue me, we’re all sinners, only god can sue me” etc. I said ok, I’m not better than you but do I owe you something, do I prepare my children’s future with lies and with the money that I stole from you or anyone else? Answer - leave me alone.

That’s sad. So they are Christians and they cheated you on money? Double hypocrisy lol. I thought about going to the police

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Sounds like you need a better circle of associates. Paimon might be able to help weeding out not only them but point the way to a better crowd


I honestly think you should call enki ‘saten’ for most who call him that he may actually enjoy helping you in this also Lucifer as well…

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I’d say, all those nasty feelings you have right now, define them in one word, for example let’s suppose you would express your feelings as a repugnance that makes you want to vomit so you’ll think on “vomit” as you do the following.
If you still have access to any of the places they live in you will draw a portal as (an oval) inside of it a special symbol (unique for this task do not have this symbol near you in anyway) you draw it on your own fluids let’s say piss or spit, they probably wont detect it till is too late.
then imagining your word was vomit draw the other side of the portal next to a digusting vomit or with your own vomit in an open space a public space and then just focus on the feeling by repearting the word in your mind, and feeling all that nasty feeling going in the form of “vomit” from the portal you opened till the other extreme in their place. once you have thrown all that feeling trough the portal and you feel relieved, you no longer feel that nasty feeling, close erase the portal you draw and be sure the “vomit” will manifest fro the other side

in a way this makes justice because in whatever word you express the feeling they put in you, you will get rid of it and as they are the ones that provoked that they will be recieving exactly what they seed.

so the results might be unexpected but totally deserved choose the words that express your feeling better, if its burning rage and you choose burning for example they can even get some fire over their place etc, if its for example vomit you can get them very ill etc
it will depend on the strenght of your feeling and your capacity to place it in one word.

I tried to explain my best but if you need a deeper explanation of this or anypart of this just ask or PM me

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Your post was TL;DR without any paragraph breaks or spaces. I’m on my phone so didn’t read it, but nonetheless I liked your post anyway because the topic alone made me laugh. :joy::clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4:

Okay, scanning back over your post I saw
you mention eating panties twice so I read your whole post even if it’s hard in the eyes.

It sounds like a situation where it may involve specific people rather than just an organization (even if many in it can be annoying often). You might want to look into some books like Demons of Magick or Lucifer and the Hidden Demons. They have some nice curses in there that might be what you are looking for.