Banishing before evocation

Hello BALG community

if I call a demon
Is it better to banish with demons kings or archangels ?
Or it has no relevance?

What have been your experiences?

Banishing is more about cleaning yourself that anything IMO. As long as you have a clear and stable mind you’ll have a clear and stable work. The answer: pick the one that you find suit to you.

Lol, I can like myself. How egocentrically epic xD

Well, honestly, my practices on the subject have lead me places that were very strange.

However, in order to not open up a can of worms, I will say the way most modern modern magicians like say Jason Miller, refer to it as “zoning” would perhaps be a better description of what you are trying to apply.

When I was a teenager, I helped this very attractive girl several years my senior who was assigned to me as a student. This was rather strange because I was the only teacher who didn’t have 2 decades plus experience there. But not only would I teach her incessantly about black magick, vamprism, and chaos magick, but when she joined some kind of order of chaos magicians, I would help her design rituals for her assignments, and basically she’d come back and give me neat shit that they were teaching her. I believe one time, I helped her be the first person (by several days) in the group to help her create a banishing, and I helped her customize it to her childhood, and make it a “Winnie the Pooh” Banishing. In response, the teachers were pretty impressed and gave her several pointers, and a really powerful banishing I really love, and have seen several forms of.

It’s basically where you call upon “IAO” which was a divine name of god used by the gnositics. This is a supremely powerful zoning ritual that has astonishing effects if you truly exert it’s power through your will and “CLAIM” an area.

The lesson of the story for me is…Try to make your own banishing, and make it something that you are comfortable with, as you go on learning, you can adopt new methods as you see fit, or take what works from them after you analyze how the ritual works, and what you’re really trying to accomplish.

You are already god,
-Frater Apotheosis

Diazin is largely correct in that banishing is largely about centering and focusing yourself, but banishing before an evocation (not so much afterwards) can be beneficial. Having other other influences in the area around your place of evocation can cause unwanted interference, and make the whole process less successful. It’s best to only have the forces you want in your circle.

This is the second time I’ve mentioned it today, but EA’s “Ashtu malku ta dat arkata…” verse works perfectly for this. Just memorize it and chant it before a ritual with intention and you are pretty much set.