Banishing and/or Cleansing?

This might be a super newbie question, but I’ll take my changes still!

I’ve been searching the forum for an answer to this, and it seems like banishing it mostly done in combination with ritual. I was wondering if it makes sense to do it “just because”? What I mean by that is: is it okay to do it without performing a ritual or even knowing if there is something to banish? Or would a cleansing do just that and be enough?

From what I’ve read, I dont think I have any negative attachment. And I most certainly dont think I’m cursed or anything (or if someone did curse me, it wasnt effective because I dont necessarily feel any upheaval that isn’t mundane), but I guess it couldn’t hurt to do something to prevent that from happening in the future.

Would something like the LBRP be too much for something you’re not even sure about? I guess it couldn’t hurt to learn how to do that anyway. But I’m wondering if doing it without a particular purpose (besides wanting to keep my engery safe and clean) would be more like hitting a fly with a hammer :roll_eyes:

You don’t have to do this before the ritual, much less after. If you want or feel extraneous energies that may negatively affect you or the process of conducting the summoning ritual, you can purify. But in general, this is not necessary every time. In very rare cases.
You can ring a bell or clap your hands with the intention of expelling and clearing the space if you want to do it quickly and simply. Usually, that’s enough.

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So this could also be done “just because”? As in, better safe than sorry kind of way. Because I dont seem to have a reason to do it, but just wanting to be sure there’s no negative attachment and keeping my energy clear.

Yes, if it makes you feel better. Any ritual part is created in order to achieve the necessary tuning and state of mind before performing the summoning ritual. Just take a sigil or a name and make a call, you will be heard.
If you are not sure about something. Whether the call was successful, whether you have negative energy or something like that, you can use your clairvoyance or tarot cards, runes, whatever to find out if there is a need to clear the space or yourself. And also find out if your call was heard.
I used LBRP only once, when I encountered a negative entity, a deceiver, at the very beginning of the journey. In all other cases, what I wrote above is enough to clear myself and the space before the call. I’m not making it difficult, I’m just calling.
LBRP is a good means of expulsion and an effective foundation that just needs to be known, but it is not necessary to apply it every time. It’s better to focus on the call

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Aha, this is starting to make sense for me!

If I understand correctly:

Banishing or cleansing is a part of a whole ritual, which can also be used separately if one found they wanted to.

And this could be the only call. So even if no ritual or summoning will be done, but the actuall call is to clear energy. Than you could still do a LBRP or something else, because the call you want to make is cleansing.

Is this correct?

All right. You can do it in any situation, as its purpose is to effectively cleanse the space of extraneous energies or entities that can interfere with you.

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