Banish unwanted character traits

Here is a ritual to banish unwanted character traits.

For this you’ll need:

Your elemental tools, a metal bowl, some matches, water, a piece of paper and a pen.

  1. Determine which combination of an Element, a Planet and a Zodiac sign best represent the characteristic you wish to banish.
  2. Look up the corresponding letters in the table below. The order in which you arrange the three letters isn’t important. If for example ‘ZAG’ feels better than ‘AGZ’ use that.
  3. Make a sigil of this name. You can use the Rose Cross for this.Spend some time with this, meditate on it. The piece of paper with the sigil should truly become a representation of this trait you wish to banish.
  4. Take your elemental Weapons + a metal bowl and place the sigil on your pentacle. Have water in your chalice.
  5. Now call on the 4 Archangels Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and Uriel. It’s probably best to do this with the LBRP.
  6. In the North, take your pentacle (with the sigil on it) and let the sigil fall into the metal bowl.Say: Uriel, remove the basis for ZAG. Abstergo!
  7. Turn to the West, take your chalice and wash your hands with the water in it.Say: Gabriel, wash away the traces of ZAG. Abstergo!
  8. Move to the South. Ideally you’d light a match with your wand. Burn the sigil in the metal bowl.Say: Michael, destroy the form of ZAG. Abstergo!
  9. Continue to the East. Take your dagger and with it remove the ashes from the bowl (outside or out of a window…) Say: Raphael, disperse the parts that were ZAG and restore balance. Abstergo! Finish with a banishing Earth Pentagram.

In the example above ‘ZAG’ is used simply as an example. The Word ‘Abstergo’ is Latin and translates to ‘clean away’ or ‘banish’. If you prefer another more personal Word of Power you should substitute it with that.
Also, if you prefer another way of tracing sigils, you should do it your way. But then you probably don’t need this instruction at all.

Aleph A Air
Beth B Mercury
Gihmel G Luna
Daleth D Venus
Heh H Aries
Vav V/U/O Taurus
Zayn Z Gemini
Chet Ch Cancer
Tet T Leo
Yod I/J/Y Virgo
Kaph K Jupiter
Lahmed L Libra
Mem M Water
Nun N Scorpio
Samech S Sagittarius
Ayn A Capricorn
Peh P Mars
Tzaddi Tz quarius
Quf Q Pisces
Resh R Sol
Shin Sh Fire
Tav T Saturnus