Banish an annoying jerk

Hi guys. A friend has a problem with a men who wants to separate his lover from his boyfriend. The real problem is that this guy annoys my friend by harassing him with a message. My friend is a santero, but the guy is so strong and annoying that there is no way to keep him away so that he does not interfere with the work. he asked me for help … I tried with paimon to fuck the guy’s head so he would not bother my friend anymore, but it only worked two days, today he became more annoying than ever by harassing him. we no longer know what to do, someone knows some spirit, be it demon, lwa, angel or anything existing in the universe to banish this idiot for a while at least?

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Have your friend make a sigil web.

Basically, you create a sigil representing yourself ( Spare style using your name or whatever method preferred) and then individual sigils representing everything and everyone in your life, including the annoying jerk. Connect the sigils to the one representing yourself with lines. Then, holding the intention of banishing, cut the sigil representing the annoying jerk out of the web, visualizing him vanishing from your life as you cut, never to be seen again, and then burn the sigil.

He will shortly be removed.

One thing to note is that the web has to be created with intention and energy, otherwise it is not a true representation of life and won’t work. It is the energy that is put into it during its creation that makes cutting something away so effective. Also, the web must be put away where no one can see it or use it against you. It is a very powerful piece of personal magick.


Saturn in the hour of mercury, as you indicated this person is an annoying jerk, not a threat like Mars would be called for.

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Literally the LBRP!!! If not the 4 Gate Keppers!!!

These are the spirits that hold the the doors to ascent amungst other things!!!

You can also destroy his center of gravity, making him so busy and distracted he’ll forget about your friend.

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Archangel Michael can stop any influence in its tracks. Call on him and explain what’s happening and that you would like any efforts from this person to be halted. He can’t stop them from happening but he will strike them down.