Banging other while doing work on a target

So I was thinking about something and I’d like to have some inputs on this.
When you are doing magick to get someone back. What effects, if any, does “dating” or just fuckin around other people may have on the work you’re doing with your target ?
In a way, it allows you to let go even more nd not obsessing over results but I don’t know, I feel like it may be counter productive somehow ?
Please feel free to share your two cents about that :smile:

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The more you dont think about it in any way the faster the results you get. If you are obsessing over results then it may take some time because you are building barriers between you and that person, so its upto you
Its better every night you do a small visualizing exercise that brings positivity towards you and the spell
Whatever that keeps your head busy will be perfect
When the spirit does his/her job its upto you for the manifestation

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Yeah I’m trying to do many other things not to think about it and just relax !
Visualization to bring some positivity is a great advice thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

What I am learning is just letting go without giving my mind something else to you with seems impossible. Others may be able to do it but I have issues with it. When I am working I am too busy to think about anything because I have so much to do. Keep yourself busy doing things that are positive for you and keeps keeps you achieving your goals. I don’t mean just magic related. It can be as simple as cranking up the music and cleaning your house, planning an event coming up, creating something, seeing what you have or can afford to buy and doing some redecorating, working out, the list could go on and on.

Stay busy my friend but do so in a way that brings a sense of accomplishment, pride, and happiness to you.