Baneful Warning Question

I remember EA Koetting mentioning that he had done a curse and people in his family started dropping dead because he did something wrong. Maybe I heard or read something out of context but if that’s what he said or if that is possible at all then what can be done to prevent that from happening when cursing someone?

I’ve never read or heard E.A. saying that, but I’m fairly green, yet I can relate:

  • Woman breaks a valuable chain of mine, I slap the lights out of her, she then has her father try to run me over with his car. Dude misses and scrapes his yellow car against a black, cast-iron door and rips his part of the handle and mirror.

  • I go mad and curse her on the spot. Shit happened. Now shit happened not because I am SO powerful that if I do it in the heat of the moment it happens, BUT BECAUSE I DID IT WHEN I WAS AT MY ANGRIEST IT HAPPENED, remember that :smiley: .

  • I cursed her straight out with death. I did not narrate how I wanted it to happen, but for a second there? I had no doubts that I wanted her dead, and that she WOULD DIE soon as punishment. Total alignment between intent and will, no pesky morality in between. You try to run me over with a car? You die.

That mindset. As sure as the Sun rises from the East and apples fall off trees, you try to do that to me and that’s what you get, as always, by default, as natural as puppies are cute. No remorse but the security that just because you said so, it will happen. Or more likely, it HAS happened, but reality needs to adjust.

  • During the following three/four days I get a pang of remorse because the moment when I cursed her my knees shook as if the world was doing it with me, and I was sure something ought to happen.

I tried to pull back the released energies and convinced myself that nothing would happen, but instead of that woman, her sister died. She “suddenly” had the bright idea to do a line of coke and go horse riding. Then she had the even brighter idea to try to stand on the horse’s saddle and balance herself.

She fell off the horse, broke her neck and died. The woman that I originally intended to die was devastated because, apparently, the cocaine was hers. Needless to say she abandoned most of her projects during the year as she mourned her, and I probably guess her family might have killed her too some time later (not only out of guilt, but because she must’ve originally stolen the happy dust from her parents who were notorious dealers).

Her sister croaking it and the presence of WAY TOO MUCH DRUGS in a high school dormitory must have alerted the authorities and gotten them into shit all together.

CONCLUSION: I tried to deviate the course of the curse, and apparently the disturbance caused the energies to lash out at the youngest member of that family. By default, the elder and the youngsters are the weakest. All of the following tragedies (she being killed by her parents/family getting the heat on) ARE NOT confirmed fully, but had they happened? It was merely circumstantial.

Maybe what happened to E.A. was that he felt remorse at his act and the energies turned against him. Hell, we see this example with evoking spirits who everybody else reports to be safe and kind, but we get roasted up the ass because at some point we thought the same spirit to be hostile/a liar.

You create your own experience, that is what I hear most, and have seen enough to believe it.

On the other hand, doing baneful work always leaves a noxious imprint in the surrounding area. Just as a person dying a hideous death might leave a haunting behind, when we do baneful work we’re creating the very same and intense energies that cause this: raw emotion. The difference is that we project it somewhere and on someone, but the act itself resonates in the place of doing.

Maybe E.A. got sloppy or became too confident, and the resulting residue affected the people around him, but I could not say, I said already I never heard or read about this happening to him.

Just me 2 cents :slight_smile:

When cursing, only the target is effected (maybe indirectly). You’ll never see someone accidentally kill his whole family with a curse

I read about that curse in Baneful Magick. Chapter 10 Voodoo Death , I hope this helps

Ps It wasn’t his family but the family of the victims

Of memory serves he mentioned his family dying in his Vodoun seminar

Yeah you could be right TWF, my memory is so bad these days :frowning: