Baneful target ? Stay close or distended myself?

So I have a enemy. Who I did a coffin spell with his poppet herbs powders a sigil of a spirit (who I have a feeling is Dra’talon but a different name)

Should I distenten myself or keep it how it is

“Keep your friends close but enemies closer” Should I or should I distenten myself as a procation

I personally would suggest distancing yourself. Being too close could cause you to lust for your results or even regret doing it, which will mess with your working. Act like they are already gone and go on with your life. You’ll know the results when they come back to you eventually


In vampiric magick, general hexing, or lust magick, one generally wants to be close to their target. If you did a death spell (like you said you did) GET THE FUCK AWAY from your target!! You don’t want to be collateral damage!


So he is still a close friend but I am just cutting him off slowly …he acts so buddy buddy

Strangely, I have noticed people doing that as result. Perhaps it is an instinctual self defense mechanism? Just continue to do your thing, ignore the working so you do not lust for results


Thank you

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