Baneful question

Is there a demon you guys know of that can drain or ruin if you will someone’s Clair senses?:thinking:like perhaps with clairvoyance make them see illusions and stuff instead of the real thing…or same with Clair audience or others

Just illusions and delusions replaced with the real thing so they go insane with there psychic abilities as I feel that’ll make there workings more difficult :thinking:

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From kingdoms of flame:


Also from Kingdoms of Flame:

Disodioria “whispers madness into the ears of men, confusing their thoughts and leading them into insanity.”

Is there a spirit that can actually take the abilities away from a witch :face_with_monocle:

And also idk this witch’s name so will that spirit still know who I’m talking about her specifically? Or would either of those spirits know who I’m thinking about? Like if I said just “the high priestess”

And also since I have that book question can I petition them u think?:thinking:

Or do I have to only fully evoke them

To be frank, I think any witch that could have their abilities “taken” by a spirit wasn’t worth a shit to begin with. (And therefore wouldn’t be worth doing that kind of work on).

I think the whole notion of anything supposedly being able to take your abilities is garbage, through and through.


Oh ok

I echo @crookedpathfinder thoughts on the above.

I would like to add however. Two spirits to that may be relevant to the OPs question.

Marquis Shax
Marquis Sabnock

Shax can blind a magicians psychic senses so that they don’t suspect they’re under attack.

Sabnock can give obsessive negative thoughts that can result in delusions or madness.

I think you should know that these effects will likely only be temporary probably based on the skill and ability of the target. You can bet too any skilled practicioner will be mighty angry if they put all the pieces together after the fact.


Belial, Leviathan


There are many demons which are said to have the ability to control thoughts and cause delusions, confusion, scattered images and emotions, even physical sensations like bugs crawling on the skin. If the target is skilled in meditation then these things will have little effect as they will have powerful control over their own mind and will be able to meditate their way out of an attack should one arise.

Many people already live in fantasy lands of delusion, very much so separated from reality and believing in their own mental gymnastics bullshit their subconscious mind creates due to narcissism or self-absorbed egotistical psychopathy which “protects them” from reality, which is to say, makes them avoid reality because accepting reality would be far too painful for their weak minds to handle.

These people are usually the easiest to manipulate, and even easier to drive to insanity. I’ve seen this happen many times, when someone blows themselves up with their own emotional hand grenade. I didn’t do shit except try to give them genuine empathy and assistance with their life without imposing myself upon them. One example that comes to mind is someone believing we were playing 5d space chess mind games, when in reality I always knew what was going on and was just trying to help someone deeply damaged and traumatized by life, and in return she gave me hatred and gaslighting, and so I stabbed her with my words and laughed as I walked away from her implosion. Another tried to make me into a sex toy which both validated his tremendous weakness and his delusional sense of superiority, and here again, stabbed with words and walked away.

I have never spoken to these people since then and I never will again, but I know for a solid fact, given my knowledge of the mind, that these people will not heal this emotional damage which I caused them, and the seeds which I planted in those few brief moments will grow into a mighty, toxic forest, releasing poison where healthy plants release oxygen, a substance of life. They will forever be affected by what I did within 10 minutes, while their continuous, relentless assaults against me only fed my amusement and taught me useful things about life. They were not teachers, just to be clear, but more like lab rats, perishing in the experiment and yielding useful data.

I recommend this approach, for the greatest personal satisfaction, but I’ve seen what happens when you curse the shit out of someone who can’t defend themselves because they are unaware of magickal effect and unaware of their thoughts. The result was a vast deepening of toxicity, and so therefore personal suffering over the course of the lifetime. I will not know, nor will I care how rich this person gets, how much sex they have, how many “friends” they have, how “successful” they are in their career, because I know now that regardless of their external life circumstances, on the inside they will be suffering, profoundly, trapped in an endless cycle of misfortune as they will label all life events as such, a bitter, poisonous person who lives clouded in hate and misery. Yes, they really do exist. I know because I have met plenty of them, and they are not pleasant to be around.

I consider this to be a reasonable vengeance for the acts of betrayal against me. Why would I allow the calm waters of my mind to be stirred into wrathfulness by a being so pathetic as this? That’s all they want - to drag you down into their misery, to play their toxic little games. I have no time for such people or their thralls. I only play games with honor, civility, and good sport. I know too much of what can happen to do otherwise, and my happiness and pleasure are too important to be soured by human stains, dripping negativity like a slug oozes slime, coating everything it touches, leeching as a parasite. All such slime passes through me and self-liberates, empty forms arising and passing away in the clear light of rigpa.

I’ll admit, though, it is good fun seeing someone you hate going mad with actual genuine insanity. Their energy feels extremely rapid and bouncy, vibrating really fast with intense pain. Ideally they alternate between this and depressed, extremely low frequency energy. That way, all the pleasure gets sucked out of everything and massive pain is introduced. It is an extremely effective combination.