Baneful Magick

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“Today, I take my final steps to destroy two enemies who horribly abused me, blackmailed me of thousands of dollars, bullied me and my children, and continue to harass me. :rage: I will destroy them before they further harm us. :smiling_imp: Anybody wants to help me would be so very welcome, just pm me please. :skull_and_crossbones:Thank you.”

THIS PERSON CONTINUES TO ATTACK ME INCESSANTLY, I NEED HELP TO FINISH HIM OFF BEFORE HE HARMS MY FAMILY. Are there people who can resist baneful works? Because I have done some workings on these people, including with the help of friends here,. but they seem to resist the attacks. Damn them! I want them to hurt, bleed, and KNOW that their end has come for them because of their abuse, fraud, and pain to other people like me and my family.


Anyone can, in fact, everyone does. If you want to tear their shields down, take the energy that makes the shields. Vampirize the shields. People also have innumerable protector spirits namely patrons and ancestors, which can either be bargained with or outright subdued.

I suggest working with Nergal.


It depends on the “works”. If it involves their free will, then yes they can resist. For example, trying to force them to commit suicide. But if it doesn’t involve their free will… then it depends on how “specific” you are. Just a general curse for death or hexing for bad luck etc, that kind of work they should not be able to resist.

But if you’re too specific… for example, cursing to get the victim frozen to death in the north pole after his plane crashed and he was the only one survived… that probably won’t work well.

Be specific but not too specific, and don’t make it depends on their free will, then it should work fine and there will be no way for them to resist.


Thank you for your response! No, nothing specific at all. I have left it to Glasya and Andromalius. But i appreciate what you said, and take note of it for futur workings. Thank you so much. :slight_smile:


I am actually studying vampyism! May I message you?


Look up "destroy defences’ and “invalidate magick” in Gordon Winterfield’s “Angels of Wrath”.

You may also want to try the Master Curse in Magical Attack by Gallery of Magick.
Both are tried and tested.

I know many of us are averse to using Angels, but sometimes you need angels to counter demons as an antidote.

Also, if someone is using Magic to Shield, they may be at their most vulnerable during :slight_smile:

(a) Moon in Scorpio
(b) Void of Course (risky as it can get a funny result)
©Work your magic when you are sure they are asleep.

Use proper planetary times with Mars and Saturn to get them.

Radionics can help too.It keeps a constant pressure on.

Finally invisibility is also something you may need.Before casting a baneful spell I always recommend

(a) feeding the demon no matter what people tell you.Meat is nice
(b) banishing afterwords
© shielding yourself or becoming invisible.


These are really great pointers. Thank you so much!


Have been using radionics, too! It’s a software program called spellcaster


Have you read Uncle Chuckie’s books. If you are into radionics and baneful magick; he has plenty to offer. The psionic path, for example, can be a good one.

You may also watch his videos, to get some ideas. :wink:


How would you do that; could you please explain…


Then make sure you time the start of each spell avoiding moon in scorpio and void of course and use the correct planetary hour.


I need to study Void of Course. Thank you for pointing this out. :heart_eyes:

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I will study these videos! Thank you! :heart_eyes: