Baneful magick tip

To add into efficiency for Baneful magick a little effort modification can be added. Giving blood to an entity grants them more control over that particular part in which blood was offered. Prick holes into the tip of each of your fingers.

You can also bind spirits or servitors to different fingernails, making for some quick potent magick

As you prick these holes chant an entities name that will help you with baneful magick. Happy hunting :slight_smile:


Interesting. @Kassapu, in your opinion, would adding blood to a proposed contract with a demon during a non-baneful ritual also be helpful? For example, would it help with healing rituals, as it provides a bodily connection for the spirit to heal a person?


Indeed it would


Yep. On the other hand, you are going to be linked to it for a very, very long time. Using caution when you use blood, especially your own, is advised.

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