Baneful Magick Karma?

Hey everyone, first off I must say that I have always felt that baneful magick towards a deserving target is justified and will not result in any so-called karmic consequences. I will go further and say I have seen baneful magick being directed at undeserving targets that have been horribly effective.

Anyhow, I met this man at my lodge a couple of months ago and we have been chatting mostly about spiritual matters. While he has admitted to doing baneful work, when I told him that I did a particular baneful ritual (directed at a more than deserving target) he told that I need to be careful. He went on to say that he knew a woman who did some baneful spells and rituals who died at 34 from 5 different types of cancers.

It is not the first or second time that he has been warning me. Now I am second-guessing myself, something which I have never done. This is why sometimes I just like keeping things to myself. Anyway, two people have seriously wronged me and now I am gearing up to do the most serious baneful ritual I have ever done. Maybe this is why his comments have gotten me a little spooked. Also I have been doing some baneful work against an enemy and maybe the person got a psychic reading or something but they seemed to have gotten wind that I have been attacking them spiritually. So I any suggestions to ensure that whatever they send my way will be like water off a duck’s back?

Usually after my baneful rituals I do hyssop baths, lbrp etc. I basically do the lbrp everyday regardless, I also do some of the cleansing rituals from NAP and from the Golden Dawn.

Just wanted to find out your thoughts on this. Thanks in advance for your replies!


There’s no karma, only Zuul.

Ok now for real. There’s no karma, only consecuences of your actions that might, or might not affect you in negative ways.


Yeah I bet that woman just got cursed herself, or the curse was redirected.

Sometimes when you act in powerful ways (i.e. cursing, i.e. enacting your will upon reality) we can experience signs that could be taken as ‘doing that was bad’ but you got to roll with it because it’s simply an echo of inner fears

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