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when it comes to baneful magick i usually I spell weave. sometimes i do chaso magic with making my own sigils. other than that i never did anything else tward the person unless their fist were thrown first. never have done any curses but i do know some about Vampuric. there are some interesting things about that topic i have noticed within myself. its like watching another person at the same time your seeing out of your own eyes as if your sharing. you feel everything so deeply. the abilities that are there i have not known how to further them all i have been able to do is feel all the energy. there is not alot out there for this topic that dosent involve Dracula or how to keep a vampire away with garlic… ps I love Garlic lol


Ave @Nataushia_Johnson. Love your post. Can you tell me more of how you work with Vampyric energies. I have been working with energy tapping/draining, bloodletting, etc. Thanks.


For the longest tone i didnt know what i was doing until friend made me aware of my Vamprisism. I am not really able to say of a distinguished energy or energies of Vamprisism as i am of energies themselves. Basically the way it feels is its all connected. Some feels more chaotic than others. I seem to be verymuch chaotic but at the same time neutral. Of course being an empath you need to feel out the energies of others because you may need filter or just avoid the person all together. Some can make you sick or at least its what i have found. I am still learning and exploring. I have a long path to go still. Vamprisism can be a lot of fun. Especially when you have people who are just jack asses… a little play with a snack! I usually dont take things to far as again im still learning and researching.


As far as blood letting… well im hungry all the time. My teeth bother me a lot and i crave blood. I have found that feeding from just anyone is nt a good thing. When you do this you take a part of them into to. I find that its best from a family member or friend. My biggest is my lover! With mine there is a bond that is almost unexplainable to most people.


I have also found that i have a sort of wolf… possible lycan besides my Vampric side and a succubus


Anytime i woupd do blood letting it was usually to sever a link between myself and another person. I had to do this when an ex friend and necromancer decided to cast upon me. He would make me tea with his blood. When i found out all the things he was up to i began seperating myself from him and untangling us to rid myslef of him.