Baneful magic has hidden costs

Title. Do you agree or not?

Do you feel like most acts of baneful magic are usually haphazardly justified by the practitioners and usually lead to unseen detriment of the assailant?

My observation has been that this is indeed true no matter how much one believes in the chaos magic or how off the mark one’s reality definitions are.


Not really, no. Working with baneful energies can certainly have a physical and energetic impact on the practitioner, as all magic does, but it shouldn’t screw over the caster if performed competently.
I’ve performed plenty of bane over the years and I’ve never caused myself any serious problems, bar slightly worse complexion if I work with it for a long time.


Good question. I think a lot of newbies use baneful magic too lightly. We know what it can do. When someone asks me for help to curse someone, I always say no. And I tell them to really think about the fact that the cursed person may die. Are they willing to live with that? It all goes back to “know thyself” and I don’t think it should be used lightly.


Lovely question, dear. Well, indeed, all magic come with a price, however it’s not karmar but it’s the darkening of urself. The more u use the dark magic, the more heartless u become. And to one point where u become an evil magician without even noticing it.


I would tend to agree as i have become way less empathetic towards other people since useing lot banful magic to augment my course action and plans even to the spreading of evil to basically innocent family members of my ex i was fighting at the time


Being “heartless” doesn’t really mean that it has costs though.


I have used Bane when needs called for years now. I do not believe in Karma and have yet to experience any come backs.

I see it as correcting the imbalance. If someone is out to destroy me and a loved one for their own pleasure or gain, then I correct that balance back in my favour …. It beats being sent to jail for punching them in the nose.


That is true
You start feeling yourself change even in unrelated areas (such as sexual preference…and not in a good way) with each kill you do

Your Aura and energy take on a unique appearance that is common among serial murderers

It glows with a very eerie light. You also start attracting and making friends with other serial Murderers both magical and mundane.

And if it’s a Male/female magical serial Murderers coming together, that’s the Ultimate Bonnie & Clyde right there :smirk::smiling_imp:

And a Plus for the hot sex life that comes with it


OK, so tell me have u ever seen an evil magician who hurts his/her own family?
I have and that person who was so devoted to his family,now a murderer for kiliing his own wife and 2 of his daughters.
So if those are not called “prices”, should i call them “gifts” or “blessings” then.
Pls do not underestimate the price of magic, not thing is free, even a piece of meat still has its own cost.


:smile: thats like really…