Baneful magic advice

Ok so I want to know if there’s a way to find out if someone has done baneful magic on you, or has sent jinns or demons to destroy your life? I’m the third generation who is suffering from bad luck, no one is married in the family in any generation and even the people who did get married which are only 3 in total they ended in divorce. Unlucky in relationships, loss in finances, health issues, constant arguing and fighting with one another and things never working out.
I am the only one who discovered the LHP and is following it but how can I protect myself or remove this curse if there is one?

people always jump into conclusion that they are curse when they have bad luck. Maybe it’s your bad luck cycles of bad decisions in life. Some times people are just looking for excuse to blame fault on one’s life hardships. In this case blaming a curse. You have to think logically. The bad stuff that happened. Is it reasonable possible that it can happen even without a curse? I don’t think anyone will curse another unless they did something to harm others. Did family harm others?

To be on safe side, you can always do magickal protection spells. for self.

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The solution for every problem in existant is always yourself. How you view and how handle situetions your path and dicisions and so on however some times we are the fault in our cycle and just can’t seem to regonize it. If something occurs and you cant explain it eather analyze it yourself or ask help . As for curses you would be panicing right now you wouldent just have the idea something is wrong you would be freaking out just from instinct. Thats how simple the universe is.

Not that I know of, but my mother has felt a presence around her like when she’s sleeping and something pushing her down so she can’t move and she felt a hairy hand trying to touch her. Even when I was born she saw a hairy hand trying to grab me and when I was around 10 I saw a fall figure almost like a bear in our home but I saw the back. Few years ago my mums sisters also felt presence like this around them and I have also felt it. But luckily not anymore. Has anyone experienced this or knows of anything like this?

My friend do a banishing . If something had touched my mother i would call michael to cut it in so many pieces the bigest would be in the size of a aunt!!


is the home haunted?

I think so, when my mum was younger they used to hear noises and people walking around. They told me that they had a really old tree in the garden,there were rumours that it had ghosts. Later on they had to chop the tree so I’m thinking maybe whatever was living on there is either angry or upset and hasn’t left us since than.

Then that might be the source of bad luck. The feng shui of your home due to haunted house.

Theres a hymn i used twice to murmur where your calling him to slay any parasytes and if its your imagination and nothings there he empowers you. Search it.