Baneful Love Magick

I’d like to discuss something I don’t see talked about often, the use of love magick in a baneful context. In my case im looking to devise a ritual to get revenge on my cheating ex by rekindling her love for me and inflicting massive amounts of guilt and shame. Bonus points for screwing up her new relationship with the guy she cheated with. Any one have ideas for what spirits or methods would be most applicable?


Honestly…there isn’t really anything special to it. Simply use whatever methods/spirits you normally would use to have a person fall in love with you, then once its worked…break her heart. In terms of spirits to use for such a thing, Ladilok has my vote.


Excellent choice, I haven’t had much luck with KOF beings personally though and another member recommended a power combo of Asmodeus, Astarte, and Belial over PM, all of whom I have a good working relationship with. I welcome anyone who wants to share stories about baneful love magick to share experiences in the thread as well.

Search intranquil spirit , return lover ritual. They make the person unable to do anything til they come back. I haven’t tried it so can’t give you much info .


I’ve heard of it, just haven’t been able to find a decent workable write up of how to actually do it

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If she cheated on you then there must had been some issues that she had and she didnt express them. Either was low attraction, low chemistry etc. There was something there that the new guy gave to her. Women rarely cheat if there isnt any underlying reason.

You need to be honest with yourself.
I am not saying this to be bad. I am saying this because finding out the root cause of the problem will make your spells work faster and stronger.

So for example if the chemistry in something wasnt good for example communication, improving your communication skills will be a good thing. Because as soon as you get in contact with you, when she finds out that she missed on something good it will make her attracted to you and will make her feel uncomfortable for leaving you.

This is how you would get your results.
Plus spells that work on you work faster. Then to open communication is easier and you will win her back in no time


My intention isn’t to get her back, it’s to get revenge and inflict punishment on someone who betrayed and hurt me. Hence the “baneful” focus. I’m not looking for reconcilliation, just retaliation.


Get a string get 8 knots and for each knot say you wish. ,Another get a mirror put her picture looks inside mirror and say something like each time you look in it or reflection you will tink of me,always, it’s another whit the onion , we’re you add love oil cinnamon roses and put pictures inside ,it will make her cry come to you talk etc.


Oh this is very simple.
Gi to Lucifer and the Hidden demons book and there is a spell that is to make them experience what they did to you.
When they experiencing they remember you and they feel guilty.

I ve done it to someone and it worked.
However, i dont know if it was my spirit guide or Lucifer :thinking:… but i was put into the same shoes as the guy that i was blaming to be put into test if i would behave better.
I did behave in a more mature and respectful way. Now what is the result of that i will let you know in a couple of months.


Vine in the Goetia specializes in love for revenge. Winterfeld’s Demons of Magic mentions the power specifically in connection with Vine


@zorrito Can you explain more detailed how this spell works?very intresting