Baneful evocation

Hello so I tried to use the search function. I found threads like “bind a spirit to an object”.

My question is as far as baneful works as curses hexes and the lot. What spirits are good to call and ask their favour in cursing an individual or binding them. I favour binding as opposed to curses


To do such work successfully requires a far bit of skill - just saying.

There are problems with the Boomerang effect and in a binding, getting yourself contaminated by your victim and all their illnesses, neuroses and numerous fuck-ups. Sometimes these issues take time to manifest.

Do you know how to to do a banishing so that you feel the movement of energy? If not, then put your efforts into that - before anything else. I advise this because I’ve seen and experienced some really, really bad shit!

And you can use a banishing for so much, like bad habits.



Really appreciate you Al.

It would be a true test to my skill then eh? Might be a bit of fun to see just what I can do.

Better start a dated journal :rofl:

By annointing ones self and hands with bats heart oil before the binding ritual has the effect of protecting the magician from the boomerang effect.

It allows you to work with destructive, baneful energy without being contaminated by it.

Try it.

This is a difficult thing for me to grasp mentally as I need to do a baneful work on a few people because I’m not dealing with people effectively.

Could I just evoke a spirit like paimon or belial and ask that someone who has offended me to the point of cursing them feel my pain or be surrounded by their familiars to be driven insane I’ve seen it happen to one person so far but something is trying to stop me from doing this baneful work.

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Yes this is actually quite a common occurrence.