Baneful demons?

So I have a question regarding baneful related demons

Is it true like let’s say I call a baneful demon on someone then a witch or someone who knows the person tries to step in the demons way

Is it true that that baneful demon would essentially ram through the obstacle in anger or at least try to to get to the victim?

Essentially what I’m asking is would they try to put up a decent fight to get the job done…potentially causing the “hero” to get hurt as well

No it’s not true, it won’t get angry.
It comes down to who’s will is strongest. Same as if someone tried to send a demon to do baneful work, whether or not they have a prior relationship with the demon.

It’s not up to them, it’s up to the practitioner. The practitioner is the magick one, he has to have the skills to recognise there’s an issue and work around it.


I’ve never heard of that. Spirits help with baneful, but you’d need some hard evidence to convince me any genuine Authority figure of the Infernal plane is exclusively baneful.