Baneful Curse Tutorials

I’m having difficulty finding any “How To” baneful curses on here. I thought people would have uploaded their own creative curses. I’ve found a few “How To” spells that go step-by-step but none for baneful magic. Only discussion topics.

I’m looking to browse some step-by-steps for candle magic or with simple ingredients, but anything will do. Anyone got any links?

This here is one of the most on point instructions on baneful workings i came across up until now:


I would like to provide more info but is it something specific you are searching for?

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Actually no, I just wanted to read a whole lot of different stuff to see what looked interesting and worth a try.

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@C.Kendall has a lot of great baneful workings here on BALG.
You should check them out as well.


Honestly I think this is because as we grow stronger and actually get to doing successful baneful work, we begin to work with the innate knowledge of how to do so, mixed with the practices we have learn along the way.

The more we grow the more we tweak, replace things that once worked with better things and on we go … with our training wheels off, and hair blowing in the wind.

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