Ban on the name Lucifer in Iceland

Has anyone read this news.
The name Lucifer has been banned in Iceland.

Just read this link…hence thought of sharing.


EDIT: The funny thing about this is the Icelandic language doesn’t have the letter ‘C’ in their alphabet. All you would have to do is change the spelling of “Lucifer” to “Lusifer” and you’re golden.

  • flies a plane over iceland and screams out from it LUCIFER! LUCIFER! LUCIFER!!! *

That Daria DP thooooo…lah lah lah…this is my stop…ahhhh my childhood :slight_smile:

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XD i love the show too.

Now in BALG here shes the sarcastic occultist.


Lolz I think daria is gonna be aok on Balg!

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I’m a Daria lookalike, apart from not needing glasses!


Actully not suprising. Iceland do not want to import words

@Prophet It has nothing to do with the letters but rather a need to fit in things into Icelanding. Their word for TV is Sjónvarp.

Well… You can still name your child Lusipher :rofl:

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There is a joke in Spanish that you should name your daughter Lucía Fernanda and register her in a Catholic school, so you can call her “LUCY FER” in front of the school staff, technically that could be done in Iceland since “Lucy Fer” is not a word but two names


I mean, it’s only normal for this to happen when people who are scared of what’s actually out there get much power when it comes to banning words and such (even if what’s out there isn’t bad or anything).

I went to high school with a boy called Brighton Urley. That should have been stopped.

“Well, you’re bright and early!”



@Manosman You do know that any child would have the surname Luciferdottir or Luciferson?
Honestly, it would just be riddicoulus?

@L-I-P What?! No! That wouldn’t be… well, that wouldn’t… oh well… I guess, it kinda would… :joy:

(Though, Luciferson would be kinda cool once people get used to it)