Hi all,
When trying to get to sleep last night I had visions of a demonic creature named Balzar. He was horned and i think naked, top half was at least. There was blood on his face and it kept zooming in on his left eye. I tried to talk and make contact but it was like it was in slow motion.
Does anyone have any information on this?
Who is he? I can’t seem to find much on google.
Many Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You may wanna try doing some form of divination (whether it be tarot or another method that your comfortable with) and attempt to determine the what, why, how, etc. and see what are the reasons for this entity to be in touch with you. Also, have you done any ritual work or put any specific intents out into the universe (be it concious or unconcious) that may have drawn this entity to you? Just some idea to toss around that may help.

Balzar might be a new demon not known to the mainstream occult world making contact. I also met someone new the other night.

Waltyrs - Thanks for your advice i will try that.
Defectron - He felt like his presence was ancient… but power sometimes feels that way to me so that’s quite possible. Perhaps, with the knowledge EA Koetting is handing to this world, other powerful beings are stepping up to make their mark…