BALGs What Is Magic?

Whatsoever men cease to understand exists for them no longer, or termed evil. Few understood, many reprehend, and as dogs bark at those they know not: so do many condemn and hate the things they understand not. Many men abhor the very name and word Magic.

The Church ignores magic; for she must either ignore it or perish. Yet she does not recognize the less that her mysterious Founder was saluted in His cradle by Three Magician.

To the superficial, Magic is an art of illusion, Magic is evil. Some will say Magic consist of Good and Bad, but is Magic really evil? Is it really what they call it?

From what I learnt…
Magic is the Highest, most Absolute and most Divine knowledge of Natural Philosophy, advanced in its works and wonderful operations by a right understanding of the inward and occult virtue of things: so that true Agents being applied to proper Patients, strange and admirable effects will thereby be produced.

Magic as a two-fold Science, Good and Evil; White and Black Magic. But for me, Magic can do and undo, and I don’t think Magic is of good and bad or black and white; Magic is neither good or evil but a tool: the good or evil comes from the intent of its use. I think Magic is beyond our understanding.

Magicians are profound and diligent searchers into Nature; they, because of their skill, know how to anticipate an effect, the which to the vulgar shall seem to be ‘jaw-dropping’.

What is Magic to you?


Magick is literally Magic.
Pure fantasy.

Eternity compressed in a single moment.

Reality is a fantasy.


The science and art of causing change to occur by altering our state of consciousness in conformity with will.

That’s how I understand it.

As stated in Hermetic philosophy… the all is mind, we use magick to hack God’s mind, by creating a portal or a gate in our own mind… then we shape reality the way “we” want. Magick is the coding language we use to do that. I think.



On top of that, directing the energies around me, communing with them to know them as they are and through that gaining a better understanding of myself.

And love. Pure Magick right there.

But mostly Bacon. :yum:


Magic is what works. It will always be what works. There is no “black” and “white” once you talk about origins and philosophies. It’s just what you come up with that works for you. Everything else is simply decoration to communicate your desire.


Ahh, a fellow adherent of Hermetics. Pleased to meet you.

To me, magick is life, movement. The magickian is one who can effect that movement with intent.


It’s a beautiful question you asked.

Every trick of a buffon is termed magic. When one turn white hair into black they call it magic. When Messi awesomely dribbles pass 5 players successfully, it is called Magic. The assist of S.Roberto to L.Suarez against Real Madrid, b’cuz it’s stunning, was termed magical. Every work and idea of the scientists is now termed magic. But they are not.

People don’t know the difference between Sorcery and Magic. Exorcist are termed magician too. Even ceremonial magic is sorcery in disguise. Sorcery itself isn’t magic.

Those practicing witchcraft are not even magician. They are just its practitioner.

  • Someone who conjure spirits isn’t a magician too but a conjurer.

  • One who uses enchantment is an Enchanter, not a magician.

  • One who make use of Talisman are many, such as sorcerers, shamans, wizards, etc

  • One who uses spell is a spell caster.

  • One who calls and communicate with spirits are many too, like, shamans, wizards, exorcist, an evocator, a conjurer, etc.

None does magic. None are magician. But our people just won’t accept that.

If they cast a spell and it worked, they go like, wow i did magic. Nah! Magic surpass that. U only casted a spell that worked not magic.

What is magic? That is the big question and I bet you hardly will U see who can answer the simple question. Though they will give a good definition and description.

If you utter the word that translates to a dog as ‘go down’, and the dog did go down. That isn’t magic too. U only know the language to control a dog or a language dog understand, that’s all.

If u see a snake and utter the word to subdue it and even kill it. It isn’t magic but you know the word to charm a serpent.

The question is very short but the answer behind it is long.



“Do as thou wilt, that is the whole of the Law.” – A. Crowley

Is that your definition of magic? The word ‘Law’ is there.

Take note that in true magic, no such thing as ‘Do as you wish’, but in sorcery, especially dark art practitioner, it is, ‘If it harms none, do what you will
If it causes harm, do as you must. Rend the veils between the worlds just to get your desires.’ That ain’t true magic.

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To you, magic is meditation?

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.


Take It or Leave It.

Don’t meddle in the affairs of Magicians, for they are subtle and quick to anger.

The main danger of Magick is that it can very easily fuck you up. Right hand path Magick is still dangerous, but safer than using lhp techniques. Magick is about solve et coagula - destroying and reconstructing Yourself. This is inherently dangerous and on our path, often brutal. I post from my own experience and observation.

Magick uses head zapping or mind-fuck techniques. These are of elemental importance in escaping the confines of the herd and freeing yourself. These are also dangerous. I’ve know and I’ve seen causalities.

The reason why there are so many books on Magick and the reason why I’ve been addicted since I was far too young is because Magick is all a big con game, just bullshit. Make sense? I’m so full if it you can usually smell me from a couple of hundred metres, depending on wind.

Magick actually works! Over and over again. But you have to practice until you ‘get into the groove’, until the recognition and appreciation that you are part of the Magick you are performing. That’s when barriers breakdown and your whole life becomes dedicated to Magick, one way or another.

There’s no secret except determination and always keeping your Magick fun, because if your Magick isn’t fun you’re not doing it right! (It took me too many years before I learnt that truth.) I also strive for doing Magick effectively, but on the cheap. (Metal talisman are great, but coloured cardboard and pen are easier. The art is in the consecration.)

I stress the singular importance of learning and practising a banishing ritual and when you know that you’re getting results, then an evoking ritual. These twin rituals form the basis of all other rituals and their importance to a Magician cannot be over emphasised for any number of reasons. So why not find or create your own banishing ritual, start learning, practising and keep us all informed – or me at least? I’ll know if you’re telling fibs because certain classes of things happen when you start banishing, but you let us know.




Who is a Magician/What makes a Magician?

A.Crowley a Magician? No, he is not.
EA a Magician? No, he is a sorcerer and an evoker.

What makes a Magician/Who is a Magician?

If only you define magic right, then I may understand what the dangers are. But in true magic there is no danger but ‘walking through the valley of death’.

This I believe are modern or medieval knowledge; antiquity knowledge is how I define magic.

RHP/LHP are terms I came across when ai joined this site, never heard of them, probably becasue I don’t read books or learn from books.

Magic to me is deeper than that based on the ancient knowledge I’m taught about.

Spirits does this things not the term or word MAGIC itself.

Not at all. You need to understand that magic isn’t about evoking and communicating with Spirits, casting spells, etc It surpasses that. But such crafts are the big con game, bullshit, not Magic.

Many books on magic? Well, i have seen and hear people talk about Book Of Magic, but most are full of theories, stories, some teaches how to be an evocator…most books outside there are full of sorceries. Crafts! Not magic. Magic can’t be written down. From my experience and what I understand magic to be. In fact ceremonial magic make much sense but yet it is sorcery too. Those who write books are sorcerers, exorcist, invocators, evocators, spell caster, enchanters, wizards and witchcraft practitioners not magician; Peter De Albano, John Dee, Crowley, etc they are not magicians but invocators, conjurers, and evocators. Magic? Is way too deep. I once came across a page online where it shared the story of Peter de Albano how he approached true magic but he couldn’t walk through that valley of death, and he dropped it, and embraced sorcery. That’s why in their days they were hunted, always on the run. Some of them was forced to start selling their books in order to survive for they were down financially.

I don’t understand this part cuz true magic isn’t what you practice on and on, it lives in you. Crafts and sorcery is what needs practice and to be kept fun.

Doing magic? Well, i have heard words like ‘Magic trick’ too, but there is nothing of such, trick is trick, magic has no trick. How does one do magic? Meseems here that what you understood as magic is calling and communicating with Spirits, using spells, sorts of…etc

Making use of talisman is good but ain’t magic magic, really. It is part of sorcery.

Like I have said, I don’t read books, i don’t learn from book, I didn’t become a Sage with the help of books, atleast not this earthly books, cuz I did read books brought to me by angels but none of it has this terms, it’s all ancient. So i don’t know about banishing or anything relating to it.

I have read about some who did the banishing ritual but the spirit they want to banish still intact.

What I was taught to fend off spirit is totally different from what you know, kindly.

Like, last month i was trynna send my familiar a quick errand, but he said he can’t do it at the moment. I was concerned, what could be wrong. He said a higher power is around, and he can’t work around such one. It annoyed me, lol like ima god too, who is the spirit blocking me from doing my thang i aint block nobody from working their things. I first thought of calling Belial to help me clear the way, cuz he has helped me with that before, at times its Lucifer I would summoned. But i choose to soul travel instead to fight the spirit. But he said he didn’t come for me bla bla bla. So I told him to make way for the familiar to pass and he must never cross his path. Which he did and agreed to. So that’s how i sometimes do things. I confront the spirit i don’t want around me to excuse me. If it’s infernal spirits, they can be very stubborn.

If i use some other methods that chase them off they would leave and return some other day. So i prefer to go ask them why they stick around instead of jusy ‘banishing’ them.

I don’t know any ritual of banishing and never interested in any, i don’t even know the words. I just know how to do cleansing and clearing what’s not needed in my path.


@luxfero are you on Reddit? There is one Luxphero on Reddit, who talk like this.

My post up there about magic was his reply to someone who asked what magic is.

Yes, I am. I am the Luxphero; couldn’t use Fero 'cuz another user already did so I moved to Phero.

Reddit…I’m yet to find a place like this BALG forum though, I like it here.

I knew…

The comments under that topic on Reddit has no single sense, none could give a relating and sensible answer. They were like, picture something in your mind, that is magic. All craps!

I’m Lux! All that which inspires men to a higher form of existence - that is my power, my influence. I am the wisdom which brings order. I am the light which brings light.


This is why you have conflicts. Learning your way is good however you don’t learn from this forum but tell those who learned differently than you they are wrong.
I thought you’d learn not to do that by now. :wink:

Who is a Magician? Life is subjective, everyone learns differently and it’s not always the same.
For example UncleAl is explaining from personal trial and error (he states this) so I would be more likely to see the point he makes; this is the facts of what happened to him and shaped his Magick.

At the end of the day it is what works for the individual that matters. Some get too hung up on titles and labels instead of using what they have.

Magician, Sorcerer, Shaman, Witch, Necromancer, etc just basic ideas and places to start, not the ending factor.


I said what I know there and shared my knowledge and experience and correct ignorance wherever it is found. But to jump on saying one is wrong when i actually don’t know about the subject or what i know of the subject os different from what the other know, i don’t do that. Read my posts well.

Can U answer the question?

They are all different from each other. You can’t compare a medium with a necromancer; nor sorcerer with a shaman, but a magician surpass them all.

What is Magic to you?


“…I don’t read books or learn from books…So i (sic) don’t know about banishing or anything relating to it.”
Yes and it shows.

I really can’t respond in any sort of coherent manner, but I wish you well.


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Rather let us ask not the question what magick is but what do we make it?