BALG Team - create a app!

Would Love to use a app on the go. Who wit me?


That’s hella strange man just before logging back on the site I thought damn there should be a BALG app then all of a sudden when I logged back on my phone buggged out and I accidentally clicked this.

Man that’s a damn good synchronicity.


I agree, this would be really useful.


Ridin on similiar vibes haha

im not too keen on apps. Especially the ones that require alot of permissions. there is no reason for anyone to need my identity, photos, or location or access to my camera.


They are, it is in works with some bad ass shit! I got a sneak peak…SHHHHHHHH :slight_smile:


It could help against bootlegging and people complaining they can’t download files anymore will be able to.
It would be good to have a book reader in it so the out of print stuff can come out cheap.


I would use the app for at least notifications. I typically only get on the forum on my phone…so I check in every so often for notifications. Being able to see them at a glance would be cool.


Thought about starting my own thread about it. But it seems one already exists.
I’m with you on this😊


Would gladly use an app.


Have to agree with the other posters, I’d love an app

I created a shortcut on my home screen out of the browser. It’s like an App.

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Hey techno guy, how did you do that?? :thinking::thinking:

I looked for one when I first joined because, I had bad service one day and it told me the app wouldn’t load. Obviously I didn’t find one.

This forum is an implementation of 3rd party software. The web admin, who is @Timothy, might have ideas about this, but it really depends on what’s been made available by the developers and if there’s the bandwidth and funds to test it and roll it out - these things aren’t free.

My feeling is, the cost may not be entirely justified from a business perspective. @Lady_Eva would know more.

The forum uses Discourse forum software. There is a Discourse app for android.

Bing bang boom, yer a wizard harry.


@Mystic-Void You mean me? Open Balg in your browser like chrome, push the options (three points) and create a shortcut.