BALG rituals for hire reviewed


You receive video proof of the ritual which you can watch as many times as you like.


There are some people JS has said he’s done the ritual two or three times on already, so it’s a good question.
Maybe it’s per individual and what you can take?


lol you’re good


Before I say anything, I’d like to say I’m really grateful for being here on this forum, I love EA Koetting’s work and channel, I pretty much feel like he is a trustworthy source of knowledge.
But unfortunately I have seen some bad comments on his youtube videos, mainly of people complaining about BALG’s customer service, saying things like they didn’t get what they paid for.

I have seen it 2 or 3 times already. What’s happening?

I wonder 'cause I actually have the intention of getting a paid ritual (from JS Garett on Wealth).


Honestly I take most of the comments on his youtube as trolls and some are too dumb to go to the website (where they booked him) and contact customer service.

One thing also most don’t realize (or refuse to hear) is this stuff is a two way street. These people want their lives turned around but don’t want to get off their couch, it doesn’t work that way so ya they complain.

This is why I thought reviews here from people who understand would be more accurate and more informative.

In more than one video EA says he doesn’t read his youtube at all because of the trolls and I’ve read it… Can’t blame him, almost worth turning off comments with how ignorant those people are.


A lot here have said very good things about JS Garrett’s workings, but it’s comments here or there and not a specific post I could link.


I’ve been considering this ritual too. Have you heard from anyone who has actually had this? Does it work?


Yeah, that’s whats going to happen as soon as you try to become famous, it is like all the trolls come out of the woodwork to make negative, and sometimes stupid comments.
Honestly, have no idea about his rituals for hire, because I have never bought one. One thing though, rituals for someone else are often trickier than for oneself.


I agree, if it’s just you, you know your own mind set but for others it becomes so different.
Like the one who lied to JS and thought it would work out lol. If the client’s head isn’t in the right place all your work will be for nothing.


The one that lied to JS? What are you talking about?


JS mentions it in a video interview he did. Some very creepy stalker guy contacts him and says he’s trying to get a girl to notice him and something about them knowing each other i think, but in reality he was borderline peeping in her windows and all kinds of nasty things.

JS rightly felt something was off but called Astaroth and Astaroth took care of that shit.


I think it’s because most of this forum members just want free things, so they will never get any professional help, which makes the reviews so hard or impossible to be found here.


I would like to watch that if you have a link, please


I believe it was this video because these two were talking about love spells they do for people, but you can check out his channel.
Or it was on The Ashes Pub, he does a lot of interviews on that one too.