BALG rituals for hire reviewed



Who says that lol?
I’m sure plenty here would say they had great results, I’ve read a few members testimonials that where very positive. :slight_smile:


I have read a few posts on this forum about people saying they won’t buy it until they have good reviews.


I don’t know how the Mods feel about it but maybe people can post their reviews on this thread then. :slight_smile:

I haven’t done course’s but I listened to BoA and it was very, positively, impactful. I bought two more of his books on Kindle and PDF because of it.


Can you link one? I read a lot more on here than I post, and I’ve never seen one?

Also V. K. Jehannum posted a video on why EA is “not full of shxt”.

But personally, I do think anyone that has a modicum of ability could just tell for themselves who is and who isn’t larping. EA is obviously the real deal ime.


That’s a “BALG the business” thing so would probably be more of a question for @Timothy next time he’s passing by. :+1:


Oh wait, you’re talking about on youtube? Ok. Big pinch of salt needed there, youtube is like a box of cheap drugstore chocolates - you know exactly what you’re going to get, and half of them are not worth eating. (Call me a chocolate snob.)


Not only on youtube, I was reading a post today. I don’t know where it is now,but he was saying he could not find reviews for any ritual for hire on balg.


The problem is they’re imbedded in other posts, but there are reviews of the books by name if searched.


See, that’s not what you said before -

“People have said there is no good review for balg rituals. Here is one”

What you mean is you (and one other person, allegedly) haven’t found any reviews period? Is that it? The title implies there are bad reviews just no good ones, otherwise why specify ‘good’?

Maybe next time write a few more words to expand on the title and make yor meaning a bit clearer so we can give more on point answers?

Anyway, rituals for hire is a very different thing, and much rarer than all the other rituals that are demonstrated free.

They’re usually bought by people that don’t post of yt, or want to keep that stuff private, or just don’t go around posting ‘look at me’ type posts. I’m not surprised reviews are few and far between. Like @Alita said, if anything, it’s going to come up in conversation. You’ve got to consider the size of the pool of people who could post and then whether they’d bother.


is that the man from disturbed?


This is BehemothX on YouTube.


I meant they could not find any reviews in general on the rituals for hire. As you said it is rare, so I just wanted to show one person’s experience with it.


That is a good point, I edited the title to clarify meaning a bit, with apologies to @political_taco


Oh of course. I should have though of that… I did the same to sneak in the words ‘for hire’ to differentiate from regular BALG-related rituals.

Right, back to the price of fish then :slight_smile:


I’d like to see some reviews for rituals for hire here too!


lol, it was in jest. Good to know though! Thanks


Lol sorry I wasnt sure if you knew or not. :sweat_smile:


EA’s rituals for hire are AWESOME! They aren’t something that can be talked about, you have to find out for yourself. :wink:


I have a question. How many times can they be used. What if I someone wanted to make a specific individual person more powerful? Then they by J.S. Garrets deification rite. How many times can they buy it to boost their magic greatly.